SO very tired.

On Monday and Tuesday I was so very tired from the cold I was fighting off, that I didn’t have the energy for work, and plodded on at half my normal pace. Well, apart from Tuesday afternoon which was ludicrously busy and required me to work flat out.

On Monday evening, Billy and I had the stew which I’d made on Saturday and it was just the sort of warm, comfort food I needed. I was falling asleep at the dinner table, though, and I couldn’t get warm, so Billy took me upstairs and gave me lovely cuddles on the bed. I was so warm and comfortable that I drifted – not quite asleep but not quite awake – just somewhere pleasingly in between. It really isn’t like me to be able to do that when I have things to do, but I just didn’t have any energy at all.

Billy and I had planned to watch the Derby v Newcastle game on TV together and he asked if I still wanted to do that. I did, so we went and settled in his room (as his TV is the only one with Setanta) and I snuggled up on his huge leather chair, under a duvet with a hot water bottle. The first half was absolutely terrible from Newcastle and they looked totally clueless (maybe it was the sky blue kit the were wearing 😉 ) We opened another bottle of Billy’s birthday beer, and this time we had Carlsberg Export. I tried to forget that I like this beer, and tried to mark it objectively based on the same criteria as the other beers. I gave it an 8! (Billy gave it 6 )

Hoping for an improvement in the second half, we were disappointed, and Derby scored immediately after Newcastle had a decent claim for a penalty. By this time, I was really struggling to keep my eyes open, and had to give in and go to bed, apologising to Billy for abandoning him. I don’t even remember getting into bed but I must have done, as I slept right through and awoke in bed at the rather late time of 7am on Tuesday.

I’m now not sure if this is a cold as such – a lot of people seem to have it and it’s mainly tiredness like you’ve been bitten by a Tetse fly, with a bit of a sore throat. I blame the weather! Autumn is definitely here, and yet we’ve had no summer to speak of. I’ve been wearing long sleeves for the past couple of months, and a jacket when outside.

Unlike a lot of people, I don’t care if it is sunny and bright or not, I just need WARMTH. I really am a reptile as I simply don’t generate any body heat for myself. Neither can I keep it if an outside source warms me. We popped in to Billy’s consulting room to fetch a couple of things the other night, and it is blissfully (to me) hot in there because of all the equipment. I was frozen when we went in, and by the time we left (5 minutes or so) I was glowing happily. As soon as we walked out of the room, the heat started disappearing, and even Billy could feel the difference in the temperature of my hands. Like reptiles, I have to be “kept” warm . Maybe I should live in a glass tank with a heated pad underneath and a rock on which I can bask 😉
(In all seriousness, it IS miserable always being cold, so if anyone knows how to cure it, answers on a postcard….)

Getting results – at work and play.

Wednesday was a very full day for me with my clinic, prescriptions, and general business busy-ness – which is good. In fact I’ve been busier in the last couple of weeks than ever before, and am spending most of my non-hospital time on it. I also delivered a hospital order to a patient as it wasn’t far off my path and saved a frail person having to come in and collect it. The trouble is, I’m having to make a conscious effort to keep the right work-hat on at the right times! Luckily I’ve only once started answering the phone with the wrong greeting 😉

Billy and I spent a rare evening together (after his cricket selection meeting, that is) and we watched the England v Russia game with a beer or three – I’ll come back to that! The football was a revelation! McClaren had the nerve to stick with the team that had done so well against Israel – and like most of the country, we didn’t think he would. Once again the team was solid as a whole yet comprised of some good partnerships that reaped benefits – particularly Sweep and Micah, and Owen and Heskey. Barry was MotM for us – not that we are taking away anything from Owen and those goals (the MotM in the stadium) One talking point was the disallowing of Russia’s goal after an alleged hand-ball. At the time, we also thought it was handball. The replays were not overly clear but the player definitely angled his shoulder down and in as though to control the ball, so even if the ball did hit his chest, there were good ground for suspecting that it had hit the arm. Therefore, as far we are concerned, it was a reasonable decision to make, so the ref did no wrong and Russia can’t really complain overly. The ref is only human and he doesn’t have the benefit of replays and camera angles – it’s only the outrageous decisions that I can fault – but this one was far from black and white. As for our team, we couldn’t believe that we witnessed such a beautiful display from England  – much less that it was the second time in a week! I wish we were playing Croatia this week, in this run, as who knows what will happen between now and that match.

Back to the beer – for Billy’s birthday, Raji bought him a case of 30 different beers, so we decided we’d take note of what we thought of them all and are rating them out of 10. We tried three on Wednesday  – Carling, which was tasteless and full of nothing – we gave it a 4 as what little taste there is at first, disappears in seconds and you’re not really tempted to have another sip. Next up was Kronenbourg 1664 – it got a 5 only by virtue of being marginally better than the Carling! Finally, it was Bombardier bitter. Billy gave it a 6 and enjoyed it, I gave it a 5, but acknowledge that I don’t really like bitter. I think I’d prefer a glass of that than the former two though – it would just take me all night to drink it 😉

Looking forward to a few more cosy nights in with my husband, testing beer – purely in the interests of research, you understand. 😉

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