Guest blog part 5: The final episode, by Sue (Anji’s mum)

Oh oh! Almost forgot that I hadn’t rounded off the week I’ve been guest blogging about so I’d better do that and then hand the reins back to Anji and let her get back on an even keel with blogging herself. (I’m sure she has lots to write about by now.)

I left things on a high note after we’d been to the Palace v City game and we still felt buoyed up the next morning but then it was time to come back down to earth and get ready to leave London for our return to the real world. We hadn’t been looking forward to travelling early as it meant negotiating the tail end of the rush hour and carrying/dragging our luggage through all the commuters on their way to work from the suburbs but, after quickly packing our bags and enjoying our last hotel breakfast, we were on our way. The walk to the station was uneventful and we were grateful for the (newly installed?) lifts down to the platform as the line is at a very low level and all the steps would have been quite a challenge. However, getting seats on the train was another matter and though the journey was less comfortable than we’d have liked, we arrived in central London and made our way to the coach station in good time for our 1030 departure only to find that it had been delayed so we had to hang around for quite a while.

Eventually, it was time to board our coach and the lady driver then explained that the delay had been due to her late arrival on her previous journey and the need for her statutory break before she was legally allowed to take charge of another vehicle. What a difference it makes when someone takes the trouble to communicate as we fully understood about keeping everyone safe! Our driver managed to make up the lost time so, after a shorter than anticipated break in Birmingham and a change of drivers, we were back in Chester at more or less the originally expected time (late afternoon). The coach itself wasn’t as comfortable as the one on the outward journey but it did the job and we certainly can’t complain about the fare charged so ‘Thank You’ National Express for getting us safely to London and back.

A short taxi ride soon had us home and we could then relax and enjoy our final evening together. We definitely didn’t fancy cooking so we decided on a Chinese takeaway for our meal and were then disappointed to find that our favourite Chinese restaurant had either closed down or was closed on a Monday. Undaunted, we resorted to a hastily-concocted Plan B and walked to the local Chinese Chippy to collect whatever was on offer there. It wasn’t quite the same but it sufficed and I’m sure the bottle of red we opened to go with it helped us to enjoy our meal while we relived our last few days and even managed a couple more recorded quiz programmes before giving in and going to bed. Anji was due to leave Chester on a lunchtime train next day so, thankfully, she was able to ignore her re-packing until the following morning.

Then it really was our very last day and, before I knew it, I was seeing Anji off at the station to make her way home in readiness for catching up with the family’s news and getting things straight in time to return to work the next day. I hope she’s well and truly recovered from all that travelling and the strange feeling of perpetual movement that was probably inevitable after so much climbing on and off all those buses, trains, coaches, etc..

So, it only leaves me to reiterate what a wonderful mother/daughter time it had all been, how much I’d enjoyed our shared experiences and how worthwhile had been all the planning, execution and expense associated with the project. Anji, I can’t thank you enough for making all the effort it involved and I’d like to put on record that I love you and love your company very much indeed. Here’s to next time! I’ll let you have your blog back now!

Guest blog part 4: Palace v City by Sue (Anji’s mum)

Sunday 27 April

Yes! The day had finally arrived when we would be witness, in the flesh, to our two beloved football teams battling it out on the pitch. We’d waited a long time for this as it’s been a while (!) since Palace were in the same league as City. I use that term lightly as they aren’t exactly “in the same league” of course, but both Premiership teams at the moment. Imagine my excitement, especially being safe in the knowledge that they would meet again next season since Palace had performed a miracle under Tony Pulis and climbed out of the relegation zone with matches to spare. My only reservation was that Anji wouldn’t be sitting in the away end as she’d have liked and would be concealing her team’s colours beneath her coat to accompany me in the home stands. Thank you darling! Good job it wasn’t a hot day!

The morning passed slowly as it wasn’t worth doing much before our planned early lunch and we pottered about the local shops until going to Wetherspoons for said lunch (very nice!) before setting off by bus to Selhurst Park. Anji had arranged for us to meet some of her friends for a pre-match drink and so we enjoyed the build-up to the game with them and I loved being surrounded by all the Palace fans in the team’s colours. (I’ve been to the Etihad to see City v Palace with Anji but it’s a bit blue there!)

Friends of different feathers

Jen, Martin, Me photo JenMartinMe_zps699926bf.jpg Mum before match photo WP_000486_zps4b9b38b1.jpg

A huge cheer went up when the result of an earlier match appeared on the big screen in the club and it was so nice to be part of it. We walked back to the ground a bit ahead of the others as I wanted to look in the club shop, where I bought a new badge/ pin.


As we wandered back to our entrance gate we saw a vendor with scarves displaying both teams’ colours and had a discussion about whether they were a bit naff or not, agreeing that they were. Guess who ended up buying them though? We just couldn’t let the opportunity pass as, as previously stated, our teams meet so rarely and it would have been silly to let them escape un-purchased. I’m not sorry, even though we did afterwards discover that the date was wrong on them! Gullible or what?

Spot the deliberate mistake!

I’m not going to attempt to write a match report as I’m no football expert. (I’m still trying to get my head around the offside rule.) I just know I enjoy it. The atmosphere was wonderful, with the pre-match performance by the Crystals and the eagle swooping across the pitch to build up the excitement – all part of the Crystal Palace show that happens at every home game. The home and away fans were singing throughout the game and, even though Palace were beaten 0-2 by City, it didn’t feel like a loss. After all, I am a closet (well, closet with the door open!) City fan and would love to see them win the title, given that Palace are safe and I hold no allegiance to certain other teams who shall remain nameless, one of whom was subsequently held to a media-shocking draw at Selhurst Park a few days before I write this. Everyone seemed happy leaving the ground, so I don’t think it was just us that felt like that.

On arrival back at the hotel, we decided that it would be rude not to have a last drink in the bar before we went up to pack so, sporting our naff scarves, that’s what we did. Is it really possible to have a quiet drink, wearing such scarves? Obviously not, as we found ourselves engaged in conversation with a pleasant, if a tad loquacious, chappie who wanted to hear all about how we came to be where we were and where we came from, etc. It rounded off our day quite nicely but we decided we were far too tired to pack and fell into bed ‘tired but happy’ as they say in all the best Enid Blyton adventure books. We’d have to throw everything in our cases in the morning!

City shirt, half scarf photo Cityshirthalfscarf_zps77fca0e2.jpg Palace shirt, half scarf photo Palaceshirthalfscarf_zpsf8eeb2a8.jpg

MCFC’s short highlights here
MCFC’s extended highlights here

Guest blog part 3: Visiting Sussex by Sue (Anji’s mum)

Saturday 26 April

After a comfortable night we made our way to the hotel’s lift expecting to whizz up to the top floor and the restaurant for breakfast with a view over London. Wrong! Since our last visit, the restaurant had been re-located in the basement so we followed our noses and found it without any help from available staff, notices, information sheets in rooms etc. Well done us! Breakfast was quite good, too, though the tea, coffee and orange juice left a lot to be desired. Afterwards, Anji having looked at train times on her mobile’s app, we set off for the station and bought the necessary tickets so that we could get to Sussex and visit the southern branch of our family. For the best value, it meant using our Oyster cards for the first part of the journey and then travelling on the new tickets for the remainder of it. Our carefully chosen train times would have worked well but for the fact that we needed to check out and in again at the interim point and that made us just in time to be too late to catch the connection. We would have had a Costa coffee to while away the hour’s wait for the next one but that was far too complicated as Costa was outside of the ticket barrier so we made do with a station buffet version served in polystyrene cups. It was OK (and better than the hotel’s) but you can’t beat a Costa coffee, can you? The weather was being kind so we enjoyed our journey into the countryside and the short walk from the station to R, M & J’s house with a stop on at Tesco en route for me to buy a bottle of champagne and a couple of other goodies.

We received a warm welcome on arrival and had a lovely time chatting, catching up with news and events and admiring and fussing the two magnificent feline members of the family. I was very generously indulged in my plea for permission to take lots of photos and even J cooperated by letting me include him. M had prepared a delicious lunch so we polished that off and drank the champagne which was to celebrate Crystal Palace’s survival in the Premiership (I’d been promising myself that reward on the team’s behalf for some time, never dreaming that it would come actually happen) and R’s new job.

Our visit came to an end far too soon but Anji and I had to get back to London and let the others recover from our visit as we fully realise that we’re a bit of a force to be reckoned with when we get together! Sorry folks! All agreed that it had been an enjoyable afternoon, though. R walked us back to the station and when we arrived in London, we popped into the local supermarket to buy a few provisions to see us through the evening and the next day and then we relaxed in our room back at the hotel. Tomorrow promised to be another exciting day!

Food store photo foodstore_zps879a12dc.jpg

Guest blog part 2: On to London, by Sue (Anji’s mum)

Well, the SGD report was well-received by the boss so I’ll continue….

Thursday 24 April
After our lovely day yesterday and with our ‘big trip’ to The Smoke looming large and for which we both needed to pack/re-pack , we applied ourselves to the task in hand and surprised ourselves by managing not to make our luggage too unmanageable. As a reward, we had an early lunch, left the meat for the evening meal gently cooking in the oven and opted for an afternoon of pootling around a shopping area not too far away by bus. Our meal didn’t need too much effort to complete when we returned so we opened a bottle of wine to accompany it (of course!) and afterwards settled down for a natter, laugh and a bit of tele-watching and enjoyed pitting our joint wits against the questions on some recorded quiz programmes. After all, we have to make sure our brains still work whilst we’re relaxing! … and so to bed in readiness for the next part of our adventure.

Friday 25 April
Oh dear, I’m not used to this early-rising lark now that I’m retired but we set our alarms and were ready at the appointed time for our taxi to the coach stop (both of us relieved by the fact that the nearby facilities would be open and available before our long journey). Not having travelled by National Express coach for a good while we weren’t sure what to expect but found the 5 hr journey comfortable enough and kept ourselves amused by reading, talking and generally enjoying the ride. It took us a little while to understand our friendly driver’s announcements as his accent was a mix of his native language and Liverpudlian, but he and a second driver did an excellent job and deposited us at the coach station in London on time. It was but a short walk to the train station from whence to continue to the suburbs and our ultimate destination. We’d chosen a hotel in which we’d stayed on a previous football trip as, though basic, it meets our needs of a clean, comfortable bed, a no-frills (but adequate) cooked breakfast and a good location from which to reach our targeted visiting places. The only drawback is that it’s quite a walk from the station up a very steep hill! Maybe we’ll do the Ritz next time – who knows? Anyway, we were happy with our room so, after settling in, we made good use of our Oyster card/free bus pass and made our way, umbrellas in hand, to the nearest Café Rouge restaurant for our evening meal. Thank you to Billy for the voucher which covered most of that.

Puddings 🙂

To round off the day, we acquainted ourselves with the bar back at our hotel for a nightcap and use of the free WiFi and that was the end of the beginning. We retired to our room to plan for the next day and have a good sleep…..

St George’s Day 2014 – Guest blog by Sue (Anji’s Mum)

When Anji bemoaned the fact that she wouldn’t have time to write a blog about about our recent week together and suggested I write it for her as a ‘Guest Blog’ I thought she was joking but, on reflection, I think maybe she was half-serious so here goes:

Anji is without wheels at the moment (her old banger having finally given up the ghost) so in order to get from A to B to C, etc., it was necessary for her (separately) and us (jointly) to use trusty old Public Transport throughout the week. Having originally planned to drive to me in Chester after work on 22nd, it became necessary for Anji to do that journey by rail during the day so working arrangements were duly changed with her colleague. (Thank you K.) As far as I can gather, that journey was without event, included a convenient pit-stop en route, and I met her at the station on arrival. We then enjoyed a good catch-up over a delicious Dominos pizza, accompanied by a bottle of robust red wine when we got back here.


We awoke next morning with an air of excitement as we had our annual celebration of St George’s Day to look forward to. After breakfast, we both did our best to do justice to the day by wearing dresses (a very rare occurrence for me!) and generally making ourselves presentable, as Anji’s dad as an ex Coldstream Guard was wont to do (not the dress, obviously!) every year on this day in honour of his ‘Battalion Day’. We visited the crematorium on the way to town to pick up our red-rose buttonholes which had been pre-ordered and, sporting those, we went on our (soon to be) merry way to see what, if anything was going on for good old St George. Apparently, the florist had had several orders for rose buttonholes and a group was re-enacting the George and the Dragon story outside the Town Hall but we saw no evidence of others celebrating our national day.

Rose buttonhole

Rose and badge

Undeterred, we wandered off to a quintessentially English tea/coffee room where we enjoyed coffees and scones then proceeded to meander around some of the shops, picked up a few small items of interest and walked by the river and through Grosvenor Park. The park is undergoing some upgrading work at the moment so it was a bit of a mess but heyho! – we enjoyed it anyway.

Coffee time

Oh dear, we still hadn’t had a proper drink so we put that right with a visit to reliable old JDW’s (“Spoons”)and then set out to find some lunch. Back to the river then to the Boat House where we found ongoing building work to restore order after the winter floods but never mind, we settled down to watch rowers practising on the river whilst we enjoyed beautifully-cooked beer-battered fish and chips served on plates lined with greaseproof-paper displaying information about fish, etc.. We did, of course, have a little tipple with our meal, as is the custom on SGD and took in our stride the interruption when one of the builders accidentally set off the fire alarm.

1st drinks photo SGD1stDrinks_zps53331b9f.jpg Spoons mum photo SGDSpoonsMum_zpsfdb092ba.jpg Lunch by river mum photo SGDlunchmum_zpsf6cfb0e3.jpg Lunch me photo SGDlunch_zps1d12614a.jpg Lunch tipple photo SGDlunch2_zpsaf1e71ce.jpg Lunch drinks photo SGDlunchdrinks_zps518ba278.jpg Lunch photo SGDLunchFishandchips_zps531eeaf1.jpg

Feeling somewhat merrier by now, we made our way to the next planned watering hole only to find it closed. However, not too far away was a new establishment – an old church converted to a bar/ restaurant – where we whiled away another very pleasant interlude with a little drink.

Church pub photo SGDChurchoutside_zpsd5b2ce43.jpg In Church photo SGDChurch_zps5892ad6b.jpg Church bar photo Churchbar_zps592a1f82.jpg Church drinks photo SGDChurchdrinks_zps813c4998.jpg Church pew photo ChurchMum_zps78aa4d22.jpg Church - me photo Anjichurch_zpsd6db821e.jpg

During our earlier wanderings, we’d called into the O2 shop to discuss my up-coming mobile upgrade and I decided I wanted to it that day so off we went back to the shop, did the deal and came away with my new toy. Exhausted by now and with home time calling, we returned on the bus to round off the day with crumpets and cakes – and more wine throughout a (very) relaxed evening.

Last drinks of the day

All in all, a very good SGD once again. Thank you Anji, for enjoying it with me.

My weekend in a few words

I drove to the match on Saturday and drove through brilliant sunshine, snow on the verges, hailstone storms, wind, rain and spray so thick fog lights had to be used! I was very surprised by how few fans Fulham brought – I’ve never seen so few (about 1/3 of the lower tier away section only, and none of the top!)

fulham fans

After enjoying the 5-0 win, despite being absolutely freezing cold, I stopped to admire the building work for our new academy which is coming on apace. The white structure is the bridge which will link the academy complex to the stadium.

etihad bridge

Then it was off to mum’s for a wonderful 24-hours of laughs and love. I even managed (at last) to do my naked face selfie for cancer awareness. If you haven’t yet done it girls,I nominate you, and boys, I nominate you to take a selfie with makeup! Regardless, go and check yourselves now for lumps and bumps please – that’s the price I’m charging for seeing my picture! 😛 (Yes. Now. Go on. It will only take you a mo. Girls, check those boobs, chaps that precious tackle!


Although the weather had been challenging on the drive down, the car’s new radiator (fitted the day before) behaved itself perfectly.Alas, on the way back, the weather behaved and the car didn’t! I drove home with my eyes glued to the temperature guage and had to refill the radiator reservoir several times and buy extra fluid along the way.


Thank fully I made I made it home safely having kept the car at 60 mph / 3000 rpm or less – so it was straight to bed for me. I’ve had today off though and have been able to catch up at home with 4 wash loads done, unpacking done, finances sorted, and a lovely relaxing bath before homemade pepperoni pizza to round it off. Wonderful! Can I have a day off every week please? 🙂

Counting our blessings at Christmas

Well time has run away with me and here I am on Christmas Eve reflecting on a year of huge change for us.

Last Christmas we had no idea where we’d be living at this time, or even if we’d have a roof over our heads at all. We had no security, no money, no idea what the future might hold and it was very, very scary. We were living one day at a time and barely hanging in there.

Gradually, we’ve taken little steps forward and now we are living in a house that’s plenty large enough for us all to remain together as a family unit, complete with cats, and we are very lucky to have such a lovely landlady. By pooling our resources, and working hard we’ve managed to just about make ends meet. Billy was working part-time at first but now has a full-time job which he is enjoying getting his teeth into. Nel was unemployed but is now very settled into an NHS admin apprenticeship and is very much part of the team at work, valued for herself – and spoiled to bits by everyone in the department! Raji was doing a job that didn’t really challenge him enough but is now in a role which suits him well and pays more. I have spent the year working as much overtime as possible, with just one week off in July, but this has kept our heads above water and I do enjoy my work and feel a part of the team. Stephen still works at the pub which he enjoys but the hours aren’t sufficient to support him, unfortunately. So we’ve had small but positive changes since last Christmas – little steps;right direction.

This has led to me really feeling the true spirit of Christmas and I am fully in the mood to count my blessings.

I have my family all together and getting on with life by helping each other through. I have a nice home. I have absolutely wonderful friends and family who have supported us though this tricky year. I have the things that really matter.

I’ve cut down a lot on Christmas presents – and even cards – as have many people in this financial climate. I’ve made many presents myself and have enjoyed doing so and put a lot of TLC into them. Those presents I have bought were carefully chosen and I’ve made use of special offers, discounts and loyalty schemes, but I am pleased with what I’ve bought. People won’t have umpteen things, just one or two presents that I hope will really please them. It’s all so much more special and meaningful for me this year and I hope the recipients feel it too.

On the other side of the coin,I feel lucky to have such lovely, kind, caring colleagues who are also good friends. I’ve already received lovely messages in cards and presents from unexpected quarters. I’ve enjoyed sharing Christmas cheer with people who work very intensely all year and feel privileged to get on so well with people of all roles within the hospital. But more than this, these people have supported me through bad times and shared good ones every day so what little I’ve done for them at this time of year to put a smile on their faces has been very enjoyable to do.

At home, I have two children of whom I am proud and whom I am happy to call friends as well as family. I am lucky to have my wonderful mum who, as you know, is a huge part of my life and gives me so much by way of support, love and fun. She doesn’t live with us but is nonetheless part of this family unit and I don’t know what I’d have done without her. Raji, of course, does live with us and enriches our household; I must admit I can’t imagine him not being with us now. We get on really well and he is more a brother and friend than “just” an in-law. As for Billy and I, we’ve actually managed to spend some time together here and there and now that he’s settled in to his job and life has calmed down a bit, he’s more like the man with whom I fell in love. Dare I hope we can pause to enjoy each other for a while?

As you may know, our darts team is made up of very good friends and they too have seen us through this year. I love my Friday nights playing darts in their company. In good times and bad, we can just relax and be ourselves with them, and they with us. I miss them if I don’t see them one week and I don’t get bored with their company if we get together for other things (such as watching football in the pub and generally leading each other astray 😉 ) Their easy company and solid friendship has kept us going at times when we’ve really needed propping up.

I also have my beloved City to keep me entertained and through my football I have many friends who enrich my life. I have my City friends, some of whom I meet up with at games, some I only see occasionally. I have friends who are fans of other football clubs, some of whom I know well, some I’ve only met once or twice. Football brings me closer to my brother when we exchange match day texts as the geographical distance between us and busy lives make it all too easy to lose touch otherwise. All of these people make me feel a part of something, a sense of belonging and offer humour and opinion to entertain me. Many of them do more and have generously given me help, advice, support, access to match tickets and are dear friends. (You know who you are.)

So as I sit here counting my blessings and looking forward to a family Christmas and New Year with friends, I would just like to thank each and every one of you who has helped make this year bearable and kept us going. THANK YOU! I wish you a Christmas time full of your own blessings, with love, laughter and light and I hope that 2014 will be all that you hope it will be.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all my wonderful family and friends.

Shopping, giggles then 6 of the best for City

Last weekend I finally got back down to see mum and go to my match after a very long gap. I loved the drive down on Friday night which gave me a chance to relax with mum and then have all day Saturday together.

We visited Broughton, a retail park just over the Welsh border which I really like and we spent the morning doing a bit of Christmas shopping and browsing. One of the shops we visited sold a variety of homewares and gifts and after looking at ornaments, kitchen ware, bathroom stuff, hot water bottles and so on, we were in another aisle and I had to stop to work out what we were looking at. Hot water bottle covers maybe? Eventually, my poor muddled brain eventually worked out what the candy stripe knitted object which had caught my attention actually was….. a knitted dog jacket! Well I started giggling and pointed it out to mum. Who also got the giggles and soon we were in hysterics, complete with snorting, which drew attention from other shoppers – who promptly gave us a wide berth 😀

Hot water bottle cover? 😀

Mum did buy something in that shop so while she queued to pay, I carried on browsing. But the image of the little doggy jacket popped into my head again and I was back to giggling and snorting – and drawing bemused glances 😀

We decided a bit of a sit down and a food break was in order after a while so we had lunch in the pub across the road. Although it was quite busy, the service was friendly and efficient, we enjoyed our rest and the food was vhot, fresh and filling.

The last shop to visit was Tesco for the main shopping and a few Christmassy bits, but we were both quite tired, there were too many people (who showed no awareness of others around them 🙁 ) and all the kids in there were very noisy. We got what we needed but were very glad to escape once we were done.

It was wonderful to get home, shut the door on everyone and just relax over a dinner of braised steak, accompanied by a bottle of wine – and another bout of giggles thinking about the knitted doggy jackets 😀

Next morning we were a bit short of time so we set to and I packed my things, gathered more wood from mum’s pile of tree cuttings in the garden and loaded the car. Mum, meanwhile, packed me a picnic and then cooked us a full English breakfast. What a treat, and how delicious! 🙂 Soon it was time to say goodbye and head off to Manchester for the match….

I arrived in time to pick up some Christmas bits and a new woolly hat to replace my old one which was missing, and then went on up to my seat and greeted my season ticket neighbours. I noted that the Spurs support was a decent turnout for a Sunday lunch time a distance away at this (expensive) time of year. I thought this would be a tight game as our defence is ropey and Spurs have some pace – probably one goal in it and I just hoped it would go our way. City’s new fangled gimic before kick off these days is to have various people singing Blue Moon. This week’s singer was Jason Manford who asked us all to “be upstanding for the National anthem” 😀 He’s actually not a bad singer.

People were still milling about finding their seats shortly after the whistle had blown and then all of a sudden, the ball was in the back of the net! No! That was never a goal this early (13 secs)? It looked alright to us but…. Well, we looked at the ref. Looked at the lino. Looked at the goal again. Looked at the players. Realised it WAS a goal (and what a goal!) and it stood. And celebrated belatedly 😀

Well the rest of the game was surreal – 6 lovely goals and none in reply! At 5-0 I think I’d decided that was likely to be it, but Navas’ run and goal was cherry on the cake 🙂 Beautiful! (So, to summarise, that was Navas for the 1st & 6th goals, a harsh own goal for the 2nd, Aguero twice then Negredo for the 5th.) Not only does one not expect to keep scoring so many goals, but to beat Spurs by such a margin – well, let’s just say that there will be very few, if any, who put money on that! (And if they did, they deserve every penny of their winnings!))

MCFC’s 60-Second highlights here
MCFC’s Extended highlights here
Kippax Blue’s photos here

I had a lovely drive home to round off my thoroughly enjoyable weekend which had been overdue but worth the wait.

Enjoying nature’s bounty

This autumn I’ve mainly been enjoying free food produce courtesy of ours and mum’s gardens 🙂

I’ve had cooking apples and rosehips from mum’s, and sour apples and blackberries from ours (I can’t believe how many blackberries there actually were growing at the back of the garden amongst the other bushes and trees.)

Rosehip syrup and Apple & Blackberry jam

I’ve also had a few courgettes from a plant given to me by a colleague, sage, oregano, chives and mint from my pots, chilis from a plant another colleague gave me, and gorgeous little cherry tomatoes from mum. All of these have supplemented whatever I’ve had in the kitchen to make yummy casseroles and dinners.

The apples have also been used in crumbles and pies, apple sauce and various cakes (e.g. spiced apple cake, Dutch apple cake, apple dessert cake)

Somehow it all tastes so much better when it was harvested for nothing and then made into food with lots of TLC 🙂

3 x 3’s for City

Villa 3 – 2 City Having found myself a stream to watch this online, I was about to settle to watch when my (canvas) wardrobe collapsed, depositing all my clothes all over the floor. (Again!) SO I ended up sorting out that mess whilst watching – and to be honest it was probably a good job I did. Although City played well, it has to be said that Villa woke up after half time and deserved their win 🙁

MCFC’s 60-second highlights here
MCFC’s Extended highlights here

City 1 – 3 Bayern München I was snug in bed watching this game and though it always hurts to be on the end of a battering, I could only admire the beautiful and mesmerising football played by München. They didn’t take second touches of the ball – it was all one-touch passing and movement. This was the first time since Maine Road (Arsenal), that I can recall, where City fans have applauded an opposition team off the pitch out of sheer respect. We may have lost this but it was a privilege to watch such quality football.

MCFC’s highlights here
Kippax Blue’s photos here

City 3 – 1 Everton I had an early start to attend this lunch time fixture and I was rather nervous about how we’d do against a team playing well, I confess. I needn’t have worried – although our defence did give me a scare or two, and both Kompany and Kolorov picked up injuries which is worrying. We played some nice football from the off, but the defence were too slow to spot the threat that led to Everton’s goal. Happily we responded straight away and proceeded to look comfortable on the ball with lovely passing and movement. It took us a little while to realise Sergio’s penalty had gone in, though we couldn’t quite figure out how and it wasn’t until the replay that it made sense 🙂 We fully deserved the win and I particularly enjoyed it as I just can’t find anything to like about Everton and their fans. (I definitely prefer Liverpool and between games against Everton, I sort of forget why, and then we play them and I’m reminded how ManUre like their fans are – less about supporting their own team and more about the one they’re playing. I do like Liverpool fans by contrast as they support their team and have a sense of humour.) Lescott was the pantomime villain for Everton fans and they sang their usual songs at him, but I had to laugh when City fans responded with “He’s won more than you, he’s won more than y-ou, Joleon Lescott, he’s won more than you” 😀 (And later a variation: “He’s winning 3-1….” It was a good afternoon and again one of beautiful sunshine and I left smiling to enjoy a relaxed drive to mum’s. After a very fraught week at work I really needed some escapism and good cheer and this had hit the spot nicely.

MCFC’s 60-second highlights here
MCFC’s Extended highlights here
Kippax Blue’s photos here

I was also smiling because before the match, I’d met up with the people from Iconic Autographs who had brought along my birthday present from mum – a boxed frame photo/ticket display which they’d created from my title winning season ticket and FA Cup winning tickets:

I was there!

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