Billy’s Diet weeks 4 & 5

Guess what!?! Still nothing happening!
However, I HAVE discovered, a fantastic service which delivers healthy snacks for munching throughout the day at the workplace, and Billy likes what he’s had so far. You can choose from generally healthy snacks, low calorie, pre- or post- workout, and their nutritionists do the thinking for you. At £2.99 a box, including delivery, it’s a good substitute for Billy going to the shops and buying chocolate, coke and crisps!

Billy’s Diet Weeks 2 & 3

Erm, didn’t happen. He weighs the same!
Oh but he’s asked me to point out that he’s 6’2″ not 6’3″ and I can’t persuade him that the correction makes things worse, not better!!!

Billy’s Challenge!

Billy has challenged me to me blog each week about his dieting efforts and his weekly weigh in! So………. challenge duly accepted! 😀

This has come about because he IS overweight – both “on paper” and in his own opinion. A home cholesterol test has revealed he has a slightly higher than ideal cholesterol (6.1mmol/l) and we’ve been getting some variable blood pressure readings when I’ve checked it for him at my clinic. All of this combines with his gender to give him a higher risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack or stroke. Add to this the fact that he has problems with his knees and occasionally his back, losing some weight would be a very good idea to reduce the strain on his heart and joints.

So he knows himself that he WANTS to lose weight. But he really doesn’t fully understand the concepts of dieting at all – which has provided me with much hilarity (and despair), and so he came up with the idea that I could tell the world his weight and his diet progress!

I mean some of his little gems have included:

* Telling me how good he’d been at lunchtime having a healthy option sandwich and “just a tiny “caramel shortbread slice!
* Another healthy lunch of a sandwich (without mayo) a bottle of water and no crisps or chocolate……… and he’d been for a short run and was planning to do some cricket practise so did I think he’d be able to have a treat of a curry that evening? “How long have you been being good?” I asked. “What time did I get up this morning?” was his reply! He was mystified at my laughter!
* After yet another of his careful breakfast and lunch regimes failed to even get started, I said there was no point me buying him the foods for which he asked as he never ate them anyway. The case in point was following his idea of having toast with honey for breakfast and two rolls with plain chicken for lunch. The rolls and the honey had not been touched! Next morning I found him eating FOUR toasted rolls with honey on them! He couldn’t see the problem – he was “only eating the rolls not used the last two days”

Anyway, this Wednesday just gone, he stepped on the scales at my clinic, (having stripped down to underwear first!) frowned and stepped off again. Picked up the scales, and tapped them. Stood on them again and grunted. He was puzzled as to why he was still the same weight. 😀

So, Wed 10th June 2009 Billy = 19st 7lbs (height = 6′ 3″ )

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