Darts against the unbeaten Wheatsheaf

Having missed playing in last week’s cup game as I was busy getting ready for my trip, I was so pleased to see my team mates again this week. We were at home to “The Wheatsheaf” from Corbridge – the unbeaten table toppers – and didn’t expect to win.

Our playing order was: Graham, Junior, Mark, Paul, Me, and Senior. Billy, who always comes along though prefers to be a sub, did some of the marking so was actively involved still as he usually is.

We lost 3-8 but in fact were pleased to have won any against this team. We won: mine & Senior’s doubles, Graham’s singles (he finished with the bull!), Junior’s singles.

I threw well but was just beaten – I was a little annoyed with myself as I had 4 darts at tops before he got to his finish and all were too high – I didn’t have time to keep doing that and should have lowed my aim even if it meant splitting. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it was merely disappointing as I did have the chance to take the points.

However, as usual, it was a good evening and we went home smiling πŸ™‚

Darts – away at another old home – The Skinners

It was odd to be revisiting an old home pub but it’s safe to say that it reminded us why we left; too little room with people getting in the way of the throwing area. That said, the team were pleasant and with the two huge windows either side of the board, it was like playing in a snow globe as great fat fluffy snowflakes fell throughout the evening.

The throwing order was: Senior, me, Billy, Mark, Junior, and Raji but alas we only managed to win three games – Senior, Mark and Raji’s singles games. We could have nicked another couple as most games were close, but as it was, another defeat was recorded against us. I was fairly pleased with my own darts though it took me a while to get them going.

As usual, food was served after the game and it happened to be filled rolls, cut in half. My tuna roll didn’t appear to want to stand upright on my plate and it ended up landing in the lap of one of the home team πŸ˜€ Ooops! Cue much teasing – good job I can laugh at myself hm?

Lost last week and we lost today (darts)

Last Friday we played Wetherspoons again but this was a very different team to the one we played to kick off the darts season; these were all good players.

Our random order was: Graham;Senior;Mark;Junior;Paul;me and I hoped it wouldn’t come down to the last game!

We lost both trebles – just, but then Senior & Graham won their doubles and so did Mark & Junior. Paul and I lost having been hitty-missy, and we could have nicked it but it would have been robbery. Graham just lost his singles,Senior won, as did Mark, but Junior, Paul and I were all beaten.

So we lost 4-7 to a good team, though we could perhaps have had another couple of games with a bit more luck (or skill πŸ˜‰ )

Rounding off my break

All too soon it seemed that I was coming to the end of my holiday and I used the last few days to sort out everything from my sock drawer to my paperwork – hardly glamorous but rather satisfying. One thing I will/won’t miss is that for these last 2 weeks I’ve been doing all the washing up once or twice a day – I won’t miss it in that it seems grossly unfair that people just leave all their dirty stuff and don’t take a turn, but I will miss it because all that dirty stuff will now remain there! Washing up (and leaving dirty plates, glasses and cups sitting around in the living room) is one of my bug bears in our household. I’ve also kept on top of emptying bins, not had to worry about how long it takes to put the wash-load out to dry in the mornings, and been able to cook what and when I’ve fancied. Best of all though, I’ve seen more of the family because everyone has such vastly different working/sleeping/waking times that we’re usually ships that pass. Being at home I’ve been here to chat at whatever time they are most inclined and I’ve loved that. (Funnily enough, the exception has been Billy – I saw no more of him than usual as he tended to either be out or in bed.) A little bonus that has brought me much pleasure has been fussing the cats every time I’ve been around them – their soft, furry, purry little bodies are such great de-stressors and I’ve had lovely cuddles and smiles dotted about my days here and there.

On Friday night we were back playing darts (it was a cup game last week when I was away, Raji stood in for me, and after winning round one, the team was knocked out at the next stage.) We were at home against The Grapes (the team defeated by the boys in the cup last week) and they absolutely thumped us! It’s been years since we lost 11-0 but that’s what happened. In most of the games we were miles behind but the away team faltered on their finishing allowing us to catch up and get a couple of goes at a double before they finally got it themselves. They were, however, a very nice lot and it was nonetheless a good evening. Senior was ill – the result won’t have helped make him feel better – so Billy stood in for him so our playing order was: Mark, me, Junior, Billy, Paul and Graham. At least I don’t need to spell out for you which games we won or lost πŸ˜‰


On Saturday it was fun following the FA Cup action – for me this is still a magic competition and brings the wider football family together. We all love a cup upset (unless we’re on the receiving end of course) and we all know anything can happen on the day. Sadly Newcastle were beaten by Brighton, though from the bit of the game I saw, the result was deserved. I listened to City 3 v 0 Watford on the radio and it sounded comfortable though never to be taken for granted. Thankfully we were 2-0 up at the break thanks to a fabulus Tevez free kick and another Barry header. This made it a little easier to bear in the second half and it was lovely for our 17-year old debutant, Lopes, to score the 3rd. Watford fans didn’t endear themselves to the home fans with their chants of “United. United…” Why on earth do fans do this? Support your own club, that’s what you’re there for! Anyway, a good win and City are into the next round. And it turns out that it will be against the winners of the replay in another of the games that interested me – Palace v Stoke! I do hope Palace win through so we can play them – at least either mum or I would be happy with the result and could wholeheartedly get behind them to go the whole way πŸ™‚

MCFC’s 60-second highlights here
MCFC’s extended highlights here

So now here I am on Sunday evening having relaxed, sorted, blogged,and packed my gym bag ready to get back to normal tomorrow. I have really enjoyed this much needed break and although I’ve kept busy, I’ve been able to relax too. I’ve enjoyed being a housewife and mum again, do I have to go back…………..?

A win and a 180 (Darts!)

A couple of weeks before Christmas, we played away at the Ex Service B, having not played there for some time as they’ve had no team based there. I’d forgotten what a nice throw it is there and we had a pleasant evening. Billy had been collared in to going to the cinema with Nel to see The Hobbit, so I walked up with Paul (via the off-licence where we sampled some sloe vodka which was gorgeous!)

Our random order was: Senior; Paul; Mark; Graham; Junior; Me and we won both trebles, Senior & Paul’s doubles, and then Senior, Paul and Graham’s singles to give us a 5-6 win πŸ™‚

Talking point of the evening though, was Paul hitting 180! Very well done to our captain πŸ™‚

My own darts took a while to get going but were good by my singles game. Sadly for me, I was playing a very strong player though I could have just pipped him had I hit my double first time of asking. Nel and Billy turned up at this point, their film having finished, so it was great timing to join us for a drink before we all walked home together.

A good win and up to SIXTH! (Darts)

On Friday night we played Studio at home – our first home game for weeks!

The random order was: Mark; Senior; Paul; Me; Graham and Junior. We lost our first trebles but won our second, no thanks to me as my darts were rubbish! (Thanks for winning it Graham and Roger πŸ™‚ ) We won all the doubles, and in mine and Paul’s I again threw poorly, but happily did manage to hit our double. In Graham and Junior’s doubles, they did well to win as they came from some way behind and one of the opposition players scored 180! We then proceeded to win three of the singles games too: Senior’s, Paul’s and mine πŸ™‚ (Finally I started playing well in this game, though I did still try and let my opponent win it by taking a few goes to finish!)

So we won 7-4 and leapt up the table to sixth place, Senior is storming up the singles table and I was pleased to gain points in all my games on the night πŸ™‚

November’s darts

On Friday 2nd November we had a cup game (the Greenwood Shield) against the Unionist Nomads, which should have been a home game but we had to swap venue so played away instead. The random order was: Junior; Paul; Billy; Graham; Me; Senior. The format was doubles and singles only with the winner being the first team to win 5, and we won: Junior & Paul’s and Mine & Senior’s doubles; Junior’s, Paul’s and my singles. So we won a cup game – that’s two cups we’re still in, and without any byes! πŸ˜‰

On the 9th we were away in the league at the Rose and Crown, Slayley. Random order was: Raji; Graham; Mark; Senior; Me; Paul. We won the first trebles comfortably with Graham hitting tops, nicely left by Raji, but I cost us the second trebles sadly. We lost all the doubles games unfortunately, and then we won Raji, Graham, Senior and Paul’s singles giving us a loss but with the consolation of another 6-5 margin. I played such a strong player that I knew he’d trounce me – and he did, though my darts were also rubbish, it has to be said!

We were back at the Unionist Nomads place again on the 16th – in the league this time and against a changed team (we obviously scared them last time so they brought out their stronger players this time πŸ˜‰ ) The random order was: Me; Graham; Paul; Billy; Junior; Senior. We won the first trebles and lost the second and then only won Junior & Senior’s doubles though could have nicked another. I came against another very strong player in my singles and once again knew I would be thrashed – though actually I threw well and made it a good game which was nice. In fact only Graham and Senior won their singles though again, we could have pinched another one or two, and over all we lost 7-4.

On the 23rd, you’ll never guess the venue! πŸ˜‰ Yep, the Unionist – but this time, the B team not the Nomads. Billy and weren’t playing as we were at his cricket dinner but once again, without me, the team had a very convincing win 2-9 πŸ˜€

Taking Heart from a win (Darts)

Having lost a run of games 6-5, we hoped we might be due a win on Friday when we played The Heart – a new team playing from one of our old haunts, though actually the team were made up of familiar faces from other teams.

Our random order was: Mark, me, Junior, Paul, Senior, and Graham. We won: the first trebles, all doubles, and Junior, Paul, & Senior’s singles, giving us a 7-4 victory πŸ™‚

My own darts were quite steady and in fact in the trebles and doubles, I finished with 2 darts πŸ™‚ I played Tun in the singles though and expected to be trounced, but actually threw well. I was consistently scoring well including a valuable 100, which kept me in it but he beat me to the double and deservedly won. I was pleased with a good game though πŸ™‚

Too Foxy Darts

On Friday night we played darts at The Fox – one of the best throws in the league I think. The random playing order was: Paul, me, Junior, Senior, Graham, Mark and we won: both treble; Rogers’ doubles; Junior’s singles; and Graham’s singles. Once again it came down to the last game but Mark was unlucky.

My own darts, in a reversal of the normal pattern, were OK for the trebles and went downhill for my other two games! Nevertheless, Paul and I could have nicked our doubles, and I had the chance to take my singles game, but when I missed my double I knew I’d blown it.

It was an enjoyable evening though and we like the home team so weren’t too disheartened. We keep losing 6-5; surely we can manage to start WINNING 6-5?! πŸ™‚

As usual, there was domino card run by the home team and on this occasion I was asked to pick a domino at random from a bag to decide the winner. It happened to be Billy that won! πŸ˜€ Couldn’t have done that if I tried!

The pub had the Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds match showing and we all glanced up at it now and then – but our game came to standstill when we saw the incredible assault on Kirkland (Wednesday’s keeper) by a fan. In a week of football getting bad press, this was the icing on the cake! What IS wrong with some people? Thankfully he’s been arrested, though apparently already has 2 banning orders, but what about all the idiots that welcomed him back in to the stand like a hero? πŸ™

5-6 again – Cafe Enna this time (darts)

On Friday we played newcomers to the league, Cafe Enna, and we were joined on our side by Mark, a friend of Senior’s who had played in our cup game last week.

The line up was: Billy,me, Paul, Mark, Senior and Junior and we won: 2nd trebles, mine & Billy’s doubles, Paul & Mark’s doubles, my singles, and Senior’s singles – it came down to the last game again but sadly the ever tricky x1 eluded Junior but not his opponent.

My darts were horrendously rubbish in the trebles (as ever) but improved a bit for the doubles giving Billy and I a win we shouldn’t really have got. We were 250 behind at one point and never looked like catching up to be honest. Then once we got near, one of my darts shafts broke and I’d given Billy my spare earlier in the evening so I had to use one that was too long and the throw was weird. Billy got us down to x9 and when I came to throw, I was wondering how I’d manage with the odd dart out – but happily got the double with my first dart! Phew! πŸ™‚ In my singles (having pinched back a shaft of the right length), I was playing a good player but I was holding my own and then scored 140 which made him visibly wobble – and I managed to get my finish πŸ™‚

The away team were a nice lot and they made us laugh with their “fines” system. There doesn’t seem to be an awful lot they can score WITHOUT incurring a silly fine so we joined in asking if every throw was a fine πŸ˜€ It better not catch on with us as I doubt we could afford to play πŸ˜‰

The rest of my team all like to be competitive about who has more points than whom, but I tend to lose track and know the others are better players than I am. However, by fluke, I am currently doing OK (we’re only 4 games in to the season!) so for posterity, and since they brought it up, I have had to take a screenshot of our team’s table – it won’t last so I’d better get in whilst I can πŸ˜‰

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