Carlisle – a day of bargains.

On Sunday, Billy was working in Carlisle for the day and I’d offered to drive him over there and then spend the day mooching round the shops before bringing him home again. We arrived early so we went to Caffé Nero for a coffee and that happened to get the last two stamps on my card so that later in day I was able to have a free cuppa 🙂

I spent a very enjoyable few hours going round the shops Рespecially some of the smaller ones Рand I managed to get some nice bargains and ticked off a fair few presents from my Christmas list which was an added bonus. I returned to the car for a picnic lunch at one point, and to Caff̩ Nero for that free cuppa later, and it was nice to just soak up the pre-festive atmosphere with it being the switching on of the lights that evening.

At 3.30pm I worked my way back to Boots for my much needed eye-test which I thought I may as well have done that day to use up a bit of time in a constructive way and because I had a voucher to have the test done for just £5. It was just sheer good luck that the optician happened to be Billy that day 🙂 He did the test and not at all to our surprise, my eyes had changed and I needed a new prescription. Moreover, the glasses I’m wearing around the house are pretty old so I desperately needed some new ones. BUT I always have great difficulty finding frames I like – and this was always harder still where Billy worked before becoming a locum as they stock hundreds of frames but all of a similar style. Amazingly, I found a pair that I liked straight away – and even more amazingly, Billy liked them too! Just to put the cherry on top of the cake, the store had a “second pair free” offer, so thanks to my husband treating me, I have two pairs of (identical) glasses ordered 🙂 Oh yes – and of course, I got Advantage points too. I must confess, I always did like Boots Opticians so it was nice to be able to go there and yet still see my favourite optician.

When Billy had finished, we left together, and right outside the shop was a mobile Sky unit – obviously hoping to get people to sign up to their services – and they had the Fulham v City match showing (which was the first game I have missed following this season). We were 0-2 up at 34 minutes in, much to my pleasant surprise, and I asked Billy if we could just stand there a few minutes and watch a little of it so I could get a feel of the game before just following the MCFC Tweets on my mobile. To my delight we looked like we were on the attack again and somehow I had a hunch we might score – and we did! I was over the moon at seeing Yaya’s goal, though I kept my celebration quiet just in case it attracted unwanted attention. The game finished 1 – 4 so maybe I should miss more games if that’s how City play without me! 😉

Before going home, we went to Pizza Hut for dinner as I had a “2 main meals for the price of 1” voucher and when I’d complained about the poor service at the Metrocentre store, the company had sent me a £10 gift card so we had that to use too. Billy decided to have the Deluxe cheese-stuffed-crust pizza which meant that whatever I chose would be free – so I had the Hawaiian cheese stuffed crust pizza. This type only comes as a large and we saw people sharing one pizza this size – but Billy and I don’t like the same pizza toppings so that was not an option. When the pizzas came they were absolutely HUGE! Each one was cut into 8 slices and I managed 3 before being too full for any more! Billy gamely managed 5, but had to give up half way through the 6th, so we took the remainder home and the rest of the family had it all. The full bill should have been £32 (including drinks), which came down to £18.77 with the 2-for-1 voucher, and to £8.77 after using the gift card. So – huge, satisfying, delicious meal for two, plus a takeaway for the rest of the family, for £9! BARGAIN! 🙂

It was a good day all round – it was nice for Billy and I to spend some time together, lovely for me to look round and have some time out, great to get some Christmas shopping done without even trying, fantastic that City won and won well, and highly satisfying to get so many bargains.


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