Cardiff 3 – 2 City

I watched this match on TV and was somewhat wary of it to start with, but once I saw the starting 11 felt we were going to miss Kompany a lot! I was not sure about our defensive lineup at all and prayed the boys would prove me wrong.

They didn’t! By half time I felt disappointed by how many passes our players were getting wrong though I was not taking anything away from Cardiff who played really well. I was also irritated with Sky – there’s nothing like a bit of unbiased, professional commentating, and this was nothing like!

Just after the break, at last, Dzeko scored! Phew! About time! But it went downhill from there and by the time Cardiff equalised I just KNEW it was going in. Shocking defending. Poor play all round. And still no pretence of being unbiased by the commentators! Two more soft goals gave Cardiff a solid 3-1 lead and we had no-one to blame but ourselves! A late consolation for us was not much of a morale lifter – too little, too late 🙁

Words failed me! Did our players roll straight out of bed before the game? Stroll up and fancy a little Sunday park kickabout?
Cardiff fully deserved their win. Most noticeably from our point of view, was the shocking passing with so many misplaced passes and being second to every ball. I can only hope this will be a wake up call – you need to PLAY to win boys! We had definitely missed Kompany as I’d feared, and he’s out for a month at least 🙁

Sky really annoyed me with their commentary though I’ve thought that the day they start being nice about us will be the day we’ve become something I hate – it’s still unprofessional though!

MCFC’s 60-second highlights here
MCFC’s extended highlights here

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