Thank you for letting me  rant – and for the nice messages of support. I’m feeling calmer now, though no less put-upon.

I’ve managed to go through the calendar, fitting in all the summer plans, and although it is horrendously busy, I do feel I at least know what’s happening when.

I went to the last meeting of the term at the hospital yesterday and we had a very interesting talk by a gynaecologist/obstetrician who retired from the hospital 1 year ago. I can’t believe that year has flown by already and it’s nice to see how she is enjoying her well earned retirement. She was talking about her trips to Romania and the work of some doctors there, with whom she’s become friendly. They are having to try and rapidly catch up with the rest of the west in medicine, having been held back in the days of communism. Shockingly, I learned that under the previous regime, couples had to have a minimum of 5 children – by law! Perish the thought! With abortions illegal and contraception rarely available, many families just continued to grow – and since they couldn’t afford to fee all these children, many were abandoned. Hence the well publicised orphanages of the time. Happily, things are brighter now and it was interesting to learn about the way things are changing, though there is still a long way to go in some areas. For example, one of the doctors, who provides ante-natal care (very rare apparently), is using an ancient ultrasound machine which was being thrown out by this hospital back in 1998. Moreover, she’s very grateful for it!

The medics in these previously behind-the-iron-curtain countries, are having to learn a whole new concept – CARING for their patients. They are very good, apparently, at giving the correct medical treatment, but not used to talking TO their patients and showing them CARE. Mind you, there are one or two doctors in this country that could do with this training…. 😉

Billy spent a lot of time yesterday re-arranging his own calendar. He managed to change his and Raji’s rugby tickets to the week before the 29th Sept, so they are now going to watch England v Samoa  Then he went ahead and booked this hospitality package for the three of us for City v Newcastle on Sept 29th as my birthday present. The two of them have even arranged that Raji will drive so I can relax and have a drink. Aren’t they lovely? I’m really looking forward to this now – let’s jsut hope that those two can manage NOT to abuse MY boys in the heat of the game, and that City can give me 3 points for the day. 


  1. […] He is away for the weekend, watching the Rugby World Cup in France (England v Samoa) so he decided to treat me to a nice meal before he went on Thursday. We went to the newly taken-over Zubraj restaurant which does South and Indian cuisine and it was delicious. We both tried things we hadn’t had before, and it was all lovely. Very reasonably priced too. We both appreciated relaxing time together for once, and thoroughly enjoyed it. […]

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