Callum and his caps.

Callum’s mum has sent me photos of Callum modeling some of the many hats people kindly sent in response to my request, and has said I may share them with you. So, here you go, spot your hat! 😉

Since my last update, when I spent the day with Callum and family, the poor little mite has continued bravely coping with his treatment and has managed, by and large, to remain his chirpy little self. He has just had a bad couple of weeks where his blood levels were too low to have his next round of chemo, but this resolved and he eventually started it last week. Yesterday, he was back in Alderhey with an infection of his PEG and he really was not a happy little bunny at all. He’s back home now but Lisa, his mum, anticipates a bad week as this lot of chemo is the one that makes him sick and gives him blisters in his mouth and digestive tract, making it painful to eat.

I do get people asking after the little chap and I know that Lisa really appreciates the interest when I tell her. This is a long, intensely difficult time and a little moral support goes a long way, so thank you everyone. If only wishes were cures, hm?

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