Brief summary of last 4 darts games: lost;lost;lost and lost again ;)

You get the picture! After a great first half of the season, we now can’t score for toffee!
As we City fans sing: “Oh we never win at home and we never win away. We lost last week and we lost today……

Away v The Heart 7-4:
Random order: Paul, Billy, me, Raji, Senior, Junior
Lost first trebles – quite a way behind with us all scoring low but switching to 19 got us back in so both teams needed tops with them having first attempt and got it.
Lost second trebles
Lost first doubles
Raji and I won with him hitting x4
Roger and Roger won
Paul was just beaten
Billy won – just
I lost – threw it away annoyingly
As did Raji
Senior won beating Steph
Junior lost

Home v The Rose & Crown 2-9:
Billy was away for this one.
Random order: Junior, Graham, me, Senior, Paul, Mark
Lost first trebles with my darts random but scoring and theirs good but not scoring
Won second fairly comfortably
Lost first doubles
Won second with me getting the finish in two darts
Lost all singles I was poor but got myself back in with 100 then blew it again

Home v Unionist Nomads 5-6:
Random order: Junior, Paul, me, Graham, Senior, Billy
Lost first trebles – just. Played OK
Won second – Graham finishing strongly
Just lost first doubles – both on tops but they hit it first
Graham and I won. I scored well 80+ every throw, Graham consistent too and got the finish
Junior just pipped
Paul won
I lost my single – played rubbish 🙁
Graham won after making a bit of hard work of it – hat trick for him
Senior made hard work of it but won eventually
Billy lost
Good night though 🙂

Home v Unionist B 4-7:
Random order: Senior, Billy, Paul, Graham, Junior, me
Lost first trebles
And second
And first doubles
Paul and Graham won
Junior and I just beaten – he did all the scoring, I was dreadful
Senior lost
Billy lost
Paul won
Graham won
Junior won
I lost – badly!

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