Living a double life.

My double life continues, with not much time for blogging, so for the time being you will have to make do with edited highlights.

The last week or two has consisted of being at home from Sunday night to Wednesday night, with Monday and Tuesday working at the hospital, the evenings trying to catch up at home and with the family, and Wednesdays spent supermarket shopping early in the morning followed by a full day in my clinic. Wednesday night through to Sunday lunchtime (ish) I am at mum’s and the pace is a bit more relaxed, though we still seem to have had lots to do.

This week’s highlights, then, include:

* The Beastie: (Words cannot do this justice, but even so, you should find it hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‰ )I was upstairs at mum’s house, when I heard her scream and I went running down the stairs with her shouting “I’ve seen something.” I could only think she’d witnessed something horrible from the window, but I couldn’t find her in the living room, or in the kitchen. She was in the “orange room” (an extended part of the house encompassing a small room and the downstairs loo, and the back door to the garden.) She was standing, on crutches, rooted to the spot and staring in horror towards the corner the room. She said she saw a small shadow dart into the corner, but couldn’t tell if it was a frog, a mouse or a spider and what should we do? I hate free-running beasties in the house, so came up with the brilliant suggestion that she should come into the kitchen, and we could shut the door while we had a think! We did this, and then I bravely opened the door and peered round to see if I could spot anything. I couldn’t, so mum suggested moving the table cloth on the little table where the shadow had disappeared. Eeek! I wasn’t keen in case the beastie got me! So mum offered me one of her crutches and I carefully bent forwards using the crutch held before me at arm’s length to move the table cloth. Seeing no beastie, I was a little braver and started squeamishly moving a few other things, before suddenly remembering that mum was still balancing on one crutch! I risked a look over my shoulder to check she was OK and then carried on. Still no sign. Next we got a torch to shine into the corners, and still couldn’t see anything. So we came into the kitchen and shut the door. And left it shut all day, before realising that Rocky would need access to his cat-flap during the night and we’d just have to hope the beastie didn’t decide to explore the rest of the house! As it was, I was wondering if it could climb the stairs! ๐Ÿ˜€ When we got into bed, I had fits of unstoppable giggles thinking about the whole thing, and even now the thought makes me gurgle with amusement. The next morning I very cautiously came downstairs, but there was no sign and mum started to wonder if she’d imagined it all. When I went home on the Sunday, mum sent a text to say that the beastie had shown himself to be a little brown mouse and he was definitely still there! Oh dear! Thanks to my updates about this on Facebook and Twitter, I was offered the helpful suggestion of using a humane mousetrap, which mum and I have done. Thus far, it remains empty so we don’t know if mousie has escaped or died (or is too clever to be lured into a trap and instead is sneaking into the kitchen at night and helping himself from the cat’s food bowl! We think the cat is scared of the mouse, as he keeps getting spooked by something in that part of the house!!!) Mum would like all the furniture etc moved out of the orange room to look for mousie – but she can’t, and I’m too scared! My reasoning is that if he’s escaped, all well and good. If we start to smell anything nasty, he died, and then it will be perfectly safe for me to move everything! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Where’s Billy when I need him?! )

* Each Sunday I work hard to leave everything ready for mum for her few days managing on her own, and then go home to chaos! I can’t understand why Billy why doesn’t just do a washload each night like I do, which keeps on top of the job, and then just do the ironing in one hit so everyone has what they need for the week. Neither do I understand why the kids leave the living room in such a state – surely straightening the sofa covers and cushions, and clearing away cups, glasses, plates and condiments as well as empty crisp packets, is not arduous if done straight away instead of being left to accumulate.

* Mum had a follow-up physio appointment which went well – she still needs to be on both crutches (which I think is getting her down) but she is apparently progressing well and they seem pleased with her. She’s been rather surprised at the amount of pain she still has – not from the joint, but from the wound itself. I must admit, I hadn’t realised it would still be so painful either and I feel sorry for her not being able to get comfortable when sitting down.

* Mum’s new laptop came from Dell and we are very impressed with it. I helped her to set it up and one bit of software that I had never heard of before was brilliant and we were able to transfer all mum’s files and PC settings in moments so that she has everything on her desk-top on her lap-top too. It means she can keep up with her e-mails and everything else as she previously couldn’t get at the PC. Once she’s feeling up to it, she intends using the laptop to do some work for her employer from home and this was the reason she bought it.

* We also set up her MP3 player and I showed her how to transfer music on to it so she’s being a very hip-and-with-it (pun intended – sorry!) Granny indeed. I think the kids were impressed when I told them ๐Ÿ™‚

* We decided to have a take-away one evening to save cooking, and I had mentioned that when I’d lived in Chester, I’d loved Dominos pizza and hadn’t had one for over 5 years. I also said I liked the online ordering so that settled it and we had Dominos. Mmm-mmm-mmmmmmmmmmm! It was HEAVEN! My memory hadn’t let me down – they still make the best pizza I have ever had and the garlic & herb dip for the crust is still as gorgeous as I remember. We also had a starter and then waffles for afters (with yummy toffee and chocolate sauces) and so we were rather stuffed afterwards. it was well worth it though – OMG I can’t leave it so long again now I’ve reminded myself just how scrumptious that food is!

* Nel has been given an appointment to go for an interview at the college she has chosen, so Billy and I are trying to organise the day off work to go with her and offer our support. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for her as we feel this really would be fantastic for her. As the interview is next Monday, I have been asked to dye her roots for her so that her hair looks right again, so once again, I will be playing the role of hairdresser.

* Stephen has decided to sort his clothes and sell the ones he no longer uses, on e-Bay, and then he can use the funds to buy new ones as we no longer provide his clothes for him. (Cruel parents! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) This meant I was asked to provide packaging for posting, which I did, in rush on Wednesday night so he could get selling. I’ve returned home to find he hasn’t “got around to it” yet! Being unemployed must be SO hectic. Maybe he’s been busy applying for job – mind that flying pig!

* I swear the kittens have grown more each time I come home. They seem to be so big now and so very settled. Timmy makes me laugh as he turns into a big kitten himself, playing with Zara especially, and then when he sees me looking, he walks casually away with all the dignity he can muster. ๐Ÿ˜€

* When I’m home, Billy and I try to spend at least an evening together, though with the bank holiday this week, we’re flying high and aiming for a whole afternoon! I’ve spent the morning tidying and washing so we can have the time free – though we haven’t the foggiest what to do yet! Send your ideas on a postcard…….

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