Blackburn 0 – 4 City

Another game viewed on-line, but I had such trouble with my PC/the internet/the stream that I missed great chunks of the game – including our first two goals! 🙁

The first half of the match didn’t give me much hope of City breaking their duck at a bogey ground, though I confess I did feel optimistic that we would prevail in the end, if only by a goal. When Aguero pulled up and sat down indicating that he needed to come off I feared the worst for him, but fortunately it looks like a muscle strain only. Nasri came on in his place and played well I thought. In the second half, we started to look more commanding and I was baffled by how much space Blackburn players gave our attackers generally, and Silva specifically. By the end of the game, we’d had 19 attempts at goal, with 12 on target, though it was thanks to AJ that we broke the deadlock.

I was NOT amused to miss both his and Balotelli’s goals! (Eventually, 2 reboots and switching to Google Chrome from IE got my stream back.) Happily, I DID see Nasri’s and Savic’s goals and was very pleased with the final score. Though Manure also gained 3 points from the weekend, we’ve narrowed their better goal difference to just 1 🙂 The forthcoming derby is getting ever more interesting a prospect, even for neutrals.

MCFC’s 60 second highlights here.
MCFC’s extended highlights here.


  1. This was my first away match for many years and it was great. 7000 City fans meant a great atmosphere, the goals were worth waiting for and, as you say, narrowed that gap at the top. Can’t wait for the derby!

  2. Glad you were there Catherine 🙂 I tend to just do Newcastle (and occasionally Sunderland) away these days but away days are fun. X

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