Best of Four (darts)

After the darts league fixtures had finished there were cup finals to be played, including the Bottom Fours Cup. We are always in this competition though this year it was only just! 😉

On the Friday night before Billy and I had our holiday, we both elected to step down from playing so that Claire and Simon would be sure of a game as they will be moving this year and therefore this would be their last game with our team ever. I was busy packing and sorting, but Billy went up to cheer on the team for us both, and somewhat miraculously, we went on to win the cup! (No disrespect intended to my team mates who did very well – it’s just this cup is a horrible format which no-one enjoys playing!) 🙂

On Friday our team had an evening get-together at the cricket club with a buffet and a few drinks – and a hilarious evening of 5 v 5 darts 😀 Senior had brought the cup and we took some photos of the team with it, even managing one decent one:

Back left to right: Raji; Simon; Paul; Billy. Middle left to right: Me; Senior; Claire. Front left to right: Graham; Junior

As Billy and I had missed presentation night when we were were on holiday, we were brought our individual cup which every team member received and we get to keep 🙂

We had a really great night just relaxing, laughing, and being silly together. We’ll be sad to lose Claire and Simon and will miss them, but we’re looking forward to a new season and hoping to finish above the top four this time and not be in a position to retain our cup 😉

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