Being good, Feeling noble.

I’ve managed to get to the gym a few times recently and whilst it is far to early to be showing results in terms of muscle tone, I’m definitely feeling better for it as well as feeling very noble.

I have been very stressed the last couple of weeks, with my NHS work (almost to the point of quitting!) and home (juggling new family working routines, the household necessities, plus coping with other family members’ moods and problems) and was feeling pretty on edge myself.

Last Wednesday afternoon in my clinic was so quiet that I decided to do a workout since my clinic is within a gym and I could easily stop and see anyone that came in. Lisa, the manageress of the gym joined me which spurred me on. I fitted in another workout the Friday after I’d seen my last patient and then on Sunday I even went up specially and did another.

This week I managed 3/4 of a workout on Wednesday between patients and am hoping to do one tomorrow (Friday) too – though the weekend is out as I have a football match.We already have joint membership so it doesn’t cost me anything and it’s certainly a constructive and very beneficial way to fight the stress and calm me down.

I just hope I can manage to find the time at least twice a week so I can keep it up.


  1. Managed another workout today (Friday) and have upped my level a bit so feeling pleased. No way is it showing yet but I can almost feel myself toning up. 🙂 Please make sure you, my friends, push me to keep this up.

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