Back to the Castle

On Friday I had my staff counselling appointment – the first for several weeks, and it was well timed as we have such a lot of things going on at the moment and I was feeling very at odds with the world. By the time I came out though, I was able to see that I have been a bit too hard on myself in thinking that I shouldn’t be so impatient with everything, and that in fact, I AM coping amazingly well with everything we’ve got on our plate. I do feel that I’m almost at the end of my strength, but hopefully just need to hang on in for another couple of weeks, and then maybe things will settle at long last. This has been a very long year.

I’d already been into my clinic to get work done before my appointment, so I went back and finished off before coming home to pack and have a bath before the cricket club dinner at Langley Castle. Billy and I made a pact to forget all the other things going on just now and to simply enjoy the evening and enjoy being together for a night away from home.

We drove up there, checked in to our room (which was just a couple along from the one we had last year) and then got ourselves ready. Mum wanted a photo of my top that we’d got a couple of weeks ago to go with my dress, so you get the dubious pleasure of sharing too:

(YES! It has been such a bad year that I HAVE eaten all the wrong foods and done little exercise, and YES I DO hope to rectify that next year! πŸ˜‰ (I haven’t changed clothes size but I am aware that I fill them out a bit more than previously.)) Much to Billy’s delight, it turned out that I couldn’t wear even my strapless bra with the dress as it showed, so I had to wear no bra – I’ll leave you to imagine where his eyes kept straying all evening πŸ˜‰ Actually, he did seem to like the dress and several of his team mates told him throughout the evening to “get a room” “Pack it in” and “Put her down” πŸ˜€ He did look rather gorgeous himself so I wasn’t complaining.

The meal, as last year, was gorgeous and everyone enjoyed it. The evening followed a similar course to last year, and once again, I went to bed at about 11.15 and Billy staggered back at about 1.30 am.

Wanting to leave Billy to sleep as long as possible in the morning, I read my book, and delayed showering for a long while, and when I did eventually decide I really needed to get moving, I woke him up and went for my shower. I couldn’t get any hot water though. So I got out, and asked Billy what I was missing (he’d had a shower last night.) Apparently nothing, so I tried again, with the same result. So I called reception and asked if there was a problem with the hot water. They checked and called back, and said that the below freezing temperatures in the night had tripped the switch and the boiler had gone off – and that it would take half an hour for the water to heat. Argh! So I packed as much as I could, redid my nails (from gold to blue, ready for my football match) and tried very hard to be patient. Half an hour later, I went for my shower at last – but the water was barely tepid – by this time, I was fretting about not getting to my game, so I braved it (This is on record – I was braver than my husband (who refused) and took a cold shower in the winter (with frost thick on the ground outside!) I found the hairdryer and planned to quickly dry my hair off before we went for breakfast. But the hairdryer didn’t work. Someone had chopped off the plug! So I called reception again and asked for a hairdryer – which arrived a few minutes later. Finally, at 9.35 we went for breakfast! We overlapped slightly with others who had stayed the night after the party, so exchanged chatter, until only we were left finishing our delicious breakfast. After that we quickly cleared the room, and checked out, then I dropped Billy off at home, before turning round to go to Manchester.


  1. You look fabulous my dear!

    When are you going to come visit us again? xx

  2. Why thank you kindly πŸ™‚
    You mean you’d have me back again? If so, I’m sure we could arrange a date. Hope this week at work goes smoothly for you.
    Anji – X

  3. Of course we would! I’m thinking a roast next time.

    Me too… the hot boss from Hull helps though πŸ˜‰

  4. Yum! – To the roast, not your boss πŸ˜‰
    That would be very nice, thank you.


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