Arsenal 0 -1 City

Two days after the Liverpool game I was back in front of the TV (fortunately sniffling much less 😉 ) to watch City travel to the Emirates for the Carling Cup quarter final. City haven’t won away to Arsenal for donkeys yonks so I didn’t have my hopes up, yet was cautiously optimistic.

What a game! Both teams battled so hard and Arsenal had several excellent chances, with City looking tired (despite the squad rotation). I was desperately hoping it wouldn’t go to extra time (or even penalties) as I was still tired and wanted to go to bed – but it looked more and more likely as the game went on and we couldn’t break through. Arsenal’s youngsters were impressive and Frimpong was my MotM as he seemed to be everywhere. But our goal, when it came, was SUPERB! (If you haven’t seen it, click my highlights link below!) Dzeko took the ball from our end, sprinting up the left wing and beating everyone to set up Aguero via AJ. Beautiful!

So – a tough game but a win in the end and City go through to the semi’s along with Cardiff, Liverpool and Palace. (The latter magically beat ManUre and as well as being pleased to see ManUre out, I was delighted for mum and my Palace friends as well 🙂 )

MCFC’s 60 second highlights here
MCFC’s extended highlights here

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