Aquafresh Ultimate Review

I had a free tube of Aquafresh Ultimate and we’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now.

I confess to pretty much being of the opinion that toothpaste is toothpaste is toothpaste…. As long as it has fluoride in it and tastes minty, that’s good enough for me. As a former dental nurse, I know that it’s the brushing that matters more than the toothpaste, and that activating the acid-attack as few times a day as possible is also a big help. (i.e not eating between meals.)

I happen to be blessed with good teeth thankfully, and I do only eat my 3 meals a day with no snacks, and my drinks are unsweetened coffee, tea or plain water. However, I like my coffee black and strong, and I enjoy red wine – great for staining teeth!

I do like this toothpaste and find it makes my teeth feel really clean and the minty fresh taste lasts for hours, which I love. Nel says she’s found her teeth less sensitive after using it too.

I don’t know about all the hype, but I like this very much and if it isn’t ridiculously expensive, will consider buying it in future. Give it a go – you can request a free sample on their site 🙂

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