And THESE boots weren’t made for weather…

After taking back the BHS boots that weren’t made for walking, I managed to find myself a pair in Dorothy Perkins.

I saw them online and went in to the shop to check the heels (solid) and try them on (comfy) before deciding to buy them. They were £45 but with my NHS discount they were only £40.50, and I had £20 in vouchers thanks to my online market research surveys so I only had £20.50 to pay 🙂

The next week I wore them to walk to work and they were lovely and comfortable, and remained so all day. Great, it looked like I was sorted. When I left work that evening, it was just drizzling a bit and the pavements were damp, but there were no puddles. However, by the time I got home, my socks were wet at the toes – the boots had let in even that tiny amount of water. GRR! 🙁

I took them back to the store a couple of days later and was given a full refund, but was told that they were “fashion boots” and not intended for anything except looking good! Unbelievable – what is the world coming to when footwear isn’t designed with walking or weather in mind? I wouldn’t expect to wade through puddles in them nor have them last for years at this price, but one damp winter shouldn’t be asking too much, surely!? I just want some smart enough looking long boots for wearing to, from and at work with a skirt or dress.

Back to the drawing board….

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