And so the season comes to an end

Well eventually we had it confirmed – Mancini was sacked! Whether or not it was the right thing to do I leave for better heads than mine. However, regardless, this was badly handled by the club and whoever leaked the news wants shooting! Certainly something hasn’t been quite right this season, especially towards the end, but whether that was Mancini, I don’t know. The bigger question is who comes next and is he better? Pellegrini is the strongly rumoured answer to the first part of the question; the jury is very divided on the latter!

Reading 0 – 2 City – I made do with the text updates for this one, being another Tuesday night game. It sounded a very comfortable dominant display from City and a deserved win which secured second place for us for the season.

MCFC’s 60-Second highlights here
MCFC’s extended highlights here

City 2 – 3 Norwich – I was back at a match at last, having turned down a Christening and a family anniversary party which were happening the same day. I’d stayed with mum the night before and left in good time to pop in to the store for my brother’s birthday present and then meet up with friends for a quick drink. (That’s the busiest the bar has been so we ended up having to drink rather fast by the time we were served!) I also met with another friend at half time and saw more after the game so this final game was a sociable one which was lovely 🙂 The only disappointment was that I didn’t see any of my old Norwich friends, though the Canaries had brought a good number of fans all in the mood to enjoy their day. It was certainly an entertaining game with plenty of goals – our defence was clueless at times, tripping over each other almost and it was therefore no surprise that Norwich scored 3! Ironically, Joe Hart had been presented with his Golden Glove before the game – his second successive win of this award.

I was not impressed with the number of people milling around between seats throughout the match – you get a seat allocated to you when you buy your ticket. Just sit in it! But no! First I had a fella asking if the two seats further along were taken and in replying that they were season ticket seats so I presumed the occupants would turn up at some point, I missed out on whatever led to a corner. Worse, two others wanted to get by to those same seats and made me miss the first goal! Then they turned round and came back so I commented to them that I’d missed the goal for nothing then! There were also a lot of people that left before the game was over – bad enough ordinarily but for the last home game of the season when the players were known to be intending coming back out and showing their appreciation of the fans after the match it’s downright rude. Naturally, I went nowhere and enjoyed right to the end. I love my club, my team and my football and didn’t want the day/season to end.

This match was Mark Halsey’s last game as referee and I thought it a nice touch that he stayed on the pitch to receive applause from fans of both clubs and was awarded the match ball. We love to criticise referees but without them there would be no game and I think everyone wished him well especially after his battle with cancer.

I shouldn’t have laughed I suppose but I did like the Norwich fans’ chant in response to home fans: “Mancini woah. Mancini woah. He thought’s he’d won the Cup. Then he f’d it up…” 😀 In fact I think they were good throughout and would have enjoyed the day even without the surprise of a win.

MCFC’s 60-Second highlights here
MCFC’s extended highlights here
Kippax Blue’s photos here

And so another season ends. A strange season in that there were so many underwhelming performances along the way – though this affected all teams and not just City. Overall I was happy enough with 2nd place and an FA Cup Final. It doesn’t really do to think that with one or two better performances and wins we could have achieved more. I didn’t think we’d win the league again and I certainly hadn’t dared hope to do well in the FA Cup. I don’t think we strengthened our squad with the few transfer dealings we did last summer (in fact I felt we weakened it) and we did nothing in the January one. It will be interesting to see what we do this summer, but regardless, I will be here cheering them on again next season, no matter what……

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