And now for the bad news.

You know how I’ve been so worried about my Nan with her recent illness? (The last I heard was that she would be going back to her nursing home as her chest infection was gone, and they felt the home could work on the not eating/drinking.)

Well last night, Billy received a call to say that HIS Nan was being taken to hospital with suspected kidney failure. He was obviously very upset and was debating whether he could possibly go down (to London) to see her, but quickly realised that it just wouldn’t be possible. In the early hours of this morning, she died – so he wouldn’t have got there in time. Today we have found out that her funeral will be on Monday 2nd July – the anniversary of Billy’s dad’s death. Now we are trying to juggle everything so we can be there – and we will be, but it is going to take a deal of organising.

Billy with Pati in April, when we visited:

 After doing the Tesco shopping today, Laura (and her friend Helen) and I, had to take Tinker and Toby to the vet.

Tinker had started limping badly yesterday, and I was worried he’d broken a bone in, or dislocated, his back left paw/leg. The vet couldn’t feel any fracture or dislocation, and couldn’t find any wound. She said there was a slight stickiness on the fur and wondered if he’d had a puncture wound which we couldn’t see. So she gave him an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory injection and said to see how he went. If he’s still limping badly on Saturday, he’ll need an X-ray under sedation.

Toby has been vomiting for weeks – and it goes EVERYWHERE! It’s at least every other day, projectile, but not nasty – it’s undigested cat biscuits. We’ve tried changing his diet (buying expensive brands for sensitive stomachs/ hair ball control,) and giving him less but nothing is helping. He isn’t distressed at all, and seems quite happy and healthy otherwise. The vet discovered that the cancer he has had before has come back but this time it’s on his tummy and has infiltrated his lymph system and spread. He has several lumps and they are well attached and therefore inoperable. It is likely these are affecting his stomach, but he may be OK with tinned food as he doesn’t vomit that at all. (We give our cats tinned food at night and biscuits in the morning) Meanwhile, she gave him a steroid injection to see if that calms things down, but there’s nothing really that we can do. He is still happy and active (well, as active as he always is anyway!) so unless or until he starts seeming unwell, we can just leave things be. He’s 14 so not that old, but at least not distressingly young – I don’t think I’ve quite taken it in yet.

Whilst we were there, I bought more flea/worm/tick control stuff that goes on the backs of the cats’ necks. Total bill – £95!

I can’t help feeling that we are being severely tested AGAIN. Will life EVER be calm and happy? We will get through it all though – because we are strong, we all have each other, and we have our friends and families who will keep us going.

Tonight, Billy and I are going to have a quiet night in – and maybe a few tears, certainly lots of cuddles, and a bottle of wine!



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