All about the girl.

Nel has had a busy summer:

With her Peppy Paws dog walking and pet sitting service – she has a regular dog walk most days and she has had a couple of holiday customers. She’s looked after : dogs, cats, rabbits, fish and chickens so far. She even brought home the eggs (at the behest of the owner!) from the chickens so we all got to enjoy them 🙂

With a travel – to Manchester for a couple of days to see her dad who was over on a visit from the Falkland Islands, and then to Chester for a week to look after the cat and the house for mum whilst she was away. Her good friend in Chester also stayed with her so they got to play house and catch up with all their news which was nice. She quite enjoyed both of these trips but she said she really does miss home when she’s away and sleeps better in her own bed, so I think she’s a home-loving little thing over all.

With results – she got her AS (in R.E) result, though she wasn’t overly eager as she knew she’d failed. She really struggled at school as you may recall, and she was away from school more than she was there. In the end, the school decided not to enter her for the Philosophy exam and she’d already given up Sociology and Art. On the day of the exam, she worked hard towards the first paper but was taken aback when handed the second paper immediately after finishing the first. She had thought that would be at another time and hadn’t done as much work for it, and was struggling with concentration by then. She felt she’d done well with the first paper but dreadfully with the second. When she got her result, this was reflected by grades A and E respectively. Happily though, the two combined to give her an over all grade of C. A pass! 🙂 She was so very surprised but eventually accepted that it was an amazing achievement. (Well done darling, we’re very proud. Wish we could afford to splash out and treat you, but we can’t yet. I.O.U! )

With Connexions – given that Peppy Paws doesn’t yet bring in a proper regular wage, and that Nel’s not going back to school / education this month she went to the local Connexions office for advice. With her leaving full time education, we will lose Child Benefits and Child Tax Credit, and I anticipate her dad will also stop contributing to her upkeep, as he did when Stephen left school. We already have no income bar a nominal amount, from Stephen as he’s on the dole, and we’re struggling to keep maintaining the kids as it is. I was also worrying about her own tax record and National Insurance contributions if there wasn’t some clear record to show her income and employment history for this period. Happily Connexions advised her that we can continue getting Child Benefit for her until she’s 18 as she is registered with Connexions. After this, she will be entitled to claim some small amount of benefit if she hasn’t got a full wage coming in. We’ll still struggle, but this will soften the blow slightly and it means her own records will be kept straight. She is looking for work now – along with her brother, and the millions of others who can’t find any!

What has been good to see is how much happier in herself Nel is now she’s left school. She really has hated school all her life and he is already looking more relaxed and confident. She’s been confidently catching buses when she’s wanted to go somewhere and she has a really nice seeming boy as a friend. I always said, from her being a little baby, that she needed to grow into herself. She’s not quite there yet, but I think she IS getting there. 🙂

I can’t wait until we have some money because I really want to take her out for a girly day, buying her clothes, spoiling her rotten, like the beautiful young lady she’s become deserves.

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