Ain’t Technology Grand?

Just after New Year, Billy and I finally managed to finish clearing everything out of my clinic and I then spent a few days playing put-and-take trying to find homes for it all.

One of the things I brought home was the computer which Billy had given me for the business when I opened it 4 years ago. Although I had occasionally used my mobile to connect it to the internet if I needed something specific, it was mainly used offline and therefore had not been updated for 4 years. Nel has been wanting a PC to use for playing games without using all the memory on her laptop, so the plan as for her to have the old one I was using at home, which was a bit sluggish but had a good graphics card, and for me to update the old clinic one for my own use. Nel was also gaining the all-in-one scanner-printer from me and I was having the clinic printer.

And so began a day of backing up my files and favourites before wiping them all from the old PC and then setting up the clinic one ready to use. First I had to install the wireless receiver and then of course, downloading and installing all the updates. 72 of them in the first wave, but then, annoyingly, many more, a few at a time as they appeared. Why it couldn’t do them all at once and be done with it, I don’t know! I also had to get an updated Kaspersky key which was free of charge courtesy of online banking, but I’d already used my 3 keys for Billy’s laptop, Nel’s PC and Nel’s laptop, so I had to ask Stephen to get me one of his. Eventually, everything was installed and then, just as I could play, Windows did a check and decided that the copy of Windows on the PC was not legitimate! Flamin’ cheek! It IS! Billy bought this PC 5+ years ago, with Windows already installed and with a sticker stating the key on the side. The only advice offered with the notification was to contact the retailer – fat lot of help all this time later when I haven’t a clue where it came from! Now I am stuck with a stupid message on my desktop and am unable to set a wallpaper or theme. Grrrr! Other than this, and the fact that the very old version of Office is installed, all is well and I have set up the computer to run a personal account for me and a herbal one for the business.

My business mobile is synchronised with and backed up to, this computer and I’d had a text a few weeks ago from Orange, advising me that there was new software available for my phone and that I should download and install it.(I love Nokia and Ovi Suite for letting me update my own software 🙂 ) I couldn’t do this before as I couldn’t get online to do so, but after bringing the PC home, and getting it online, I could now do this. So another couple of hours were spent backing up my phone and then installing the new software and at last, I have a nice up to date business phone.

Sadly, this just highlighted the fact that my personal phone was getting on a bit now that I’d had it for 3 years, and I badly needed a new one. I had a good look around at what Nokias there were available, researched them, looked at them in the shops and eventually decided I’d like a Nokia C5 – a classic Nokia phone but with a lot of smart phone abilities. I don’t need a lot of gismos and gadgets though I did like the idea of the free sat-nav as this is something I’ve been needing for a while, and the camera and other features were a bit better than my old one. I usually pay around £15 every other month on PAYG with Tesco (which is actually serviced by O2) and found a good deal on the O2 website which offered the C5 free with a £10pcm contract – so £2.50 a month more than I am already used to paying. This sounded a great deal so I went for it.

When my new phone came, I spent more time backing up my old one to the PC/Ovi Suite and setting up my preferences. However, as I still have a fair bit of credit to use on my Tesco SIM, I have put that into the new phone until I’ve used it up and will then use the new O2 SIM (if you call/text me, panic not, I shall be retaining my old number!) Until then, there’s no point getting O2 to send me the correct phone settings so I’m not yet using all the phone’s features. Once I do switch, I plan to use the old handset and a free PAYG SIM to keep in the car for an emergency. I must remember to make a call from it every 3 or 4 months though, to keep the SIM active.

It was coincidence that I did all this computer and phone updating at the same time, but it is a good job jobbed and I’m pleased with the results. Hopefully this little lot will keep me going for another 3 years or so before it needs doing again. 🙂


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