After St George

On Tuesday, Nel mum and I went to Newcastle – via Ten bus at Nel’s insistence so we had a thorough tour of every town and village on the (very winding) way 😉 We decided we needed lunch first since the 1.5 hour ride meant we arrived at noon, so we took advantage of a special offer and a voucher we had to enjoy a Pizza Hut special. Mmmm. 🙂 Mum and I then followed Nel round since a) she knew where she was going and b) she had specific shops she wanted to visit. She came back with a few bargains, mum bought one thing she’d been after, and I came home empty handed (though there was nothing I’d been after, to be fair.) During our equally long return bus ride home, Stephen phoned to ask where everyone was as he’d planned to spend some time with Granny (Men!) but by the time we were home, he was busy with friends again. We didn’t do anything much in the evening bar watching some TV and mum packing. Oh and a bit more mutual love and attention between mum and the cats – who loved having someone else around to adore them.

Mum returned home on Wednesday, though I’d soon be seeing her again when I went down at the weekend ahead of my football match and I got on with my usual Wednesday jobs at home. This time it involved putting things back to normal of course, but I could do that at my leisure. I have got so out of the habit of having guests now, though in the past I’ve always had regular visitors and have always had a home and spare room ready at all times. This time it took a lot of clearing, sorting, and cleaning to prepare (mainly because with all the hours I am working, I am not here to keep on top of things) and I had to scrabble around somewhat for decent spare bedding having used it all ourselves over the years. Nel helped, and Billy earned lots of Brownie points both in the preparation for and during mum’s visit as he really was a huge help physically and with moral support – sssshhhhh, don’t tell him though else he’ll just blow them all in one go 😉

Hopefully now mum’s retired she might visit again occasionally as we all enjoyed having her here 🙂

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