About Blue Spice

I’m a football-loving, Manchester City-mad, darts-playing, forty++ year old, juggling my admin work at the local hospital, running a home and being a wife and mother. Oh, and I better not forget – writing my blog on a semi-regular basis!

I live in the North East of England in a chaotic household consisting of myself, my gorgeous (younger) husband Billy, my 28 year old son Stephen, 26 year old daughter Nel, and 4 cats!

I am a Manchester City season card holder – married to a Newcastle United season ticket holder! Weekends can be fun and sometimes we’re ships that pass in the night. Christmas is arranged around our Boxing Day fixtures! Son and Brother-in-Law are Newcastle fans also. Daughter HATES football with the passion with which I love it! 🙁

I have a mum (Palace fan) who lives 3.5 hours drive away and whom I try to see regularly as we’re very close, and my brother Rick (City fan also)lives in the south east with his lovely wife Mel and my 18 year old nephew Jay (brought up Blue but not really into football at the moment!)

If you’re exhausted reading that, then my blog may well cure any insomnia you may suffer 😛

You can e-mail me at: Bluespice at bluespice dot me dot uk

    More football background if you’re not yet bored!

Dad was from the Manchester area (Timperley to be precise) and was a Blue. He used to watch the game from the Platt Lane stand at Maine Road, as a boy, going with his dad. My Grandad used to play football for City, briefly, and then for Chester City in the 50’s, until my Nana made him stop. He used to cycle from Timperley to Chester along the Old Chester Road, play his football and then cycle home again. After he died, my Nana told Dad and I she’d found his signing on papers for City – and you can imagine how excited we were at this news. Then she announced she’d thrown them in the bin! We were speechless!

Mum was from London and met dad as a young Guardsman in the Coldstream Guards. She is a Crystal Palace fan, and the daughter of a staunch Arsenal fan. Her cousin married a West Ham fan and they raised all of their family to be Hammers. So you can see that we have a mixture of teams supported in our family. Yet my brother and I never had a moment’s hesitation – we supported City, without ever really making a conscious decision. Our blood was Blue – we were Blue.

As dad was in the army, we moved around all through our childhood, living in the south of England (for dad’s ceremonial duties) and abroad. Without modern wonders such as satellite TV or the internet, we followed City’s results from afar. I didn’t get much chance to keep up when I married my first husband as he hated football, and I can still remember one year when I wanted to watch the FA Cup Final and did my ironing in the kitchen so I could listen to it on the radio.

When he left me, I quickly rediscovered my passion for the beautiful game, and when I first got online in the summer of 2000, the very first site I hunted down was the official City one. I was living in Sussex and had never met another City fan except for my dad, brother, a local ice-cream seller and a postman! It was an absolute delight to me to finally meet others, albeit online. These wonderful people welcomed me, and educated me, and got me to my first match at Maine Road. It was an evening game against Arsenal. They stuffed us 0-4, the fans sang their hearts out, with the legendary banter between fans in the various stands. I was hooked!

From that game, I attended as many as I could, travelling up from Sussex as much as I could manage, being a single parent. I then moved to Chester, partly to be nearer to my parents and partly to be nearer to City. I managed to get to many more games, including most in that last season at Maine Road. A few special ones are etched in my memory – Keegan’s first, winning league 1 title, and of course, the final game there. When we moved to CoMS, I finally got what my heart desired – a season ticket so I could see my beloved Blues every home game.

However, this period was tinged with sadness as my dad and I never made it to a game together before he died. To my eternal regret. I was visiting him daily in hospital as preparations were made to move there, and I attended the open day there for fans to go and look round, find their seats etc. I came back and enthusiastically told him all about it, but he died before we even played the opening game. Sometimes, I do still have a tear in my eyes and a lump in my throat when I am at matches and think of him and the fact that he never saw us play at our new home.

Eventually, through a football message board, I met Billy, a Newcastle fan, and a group of City fans met him prior to our FA Cup 5th round game at St James’ Park in February 2002 and we remained friends via e-mail and occasional visits to matches and my home. We became a couple in December 2002, and he proposed via MSN after England beat Turkey that spring! I moved up to Geordie Land to live with him in August 2003, though I still have my season ticket and travel back for City’s home games. He is a Newcastle season ticket holder, so weekends are always planned around our football, and we both have a soft spot for each others’ team and watch games together on occasion. It’s lovely being married to a fellow football fanatic, and we both appreciate being able to share our enthusiasm with the other.

Football has been the saviour of my sanity through some difficult periods in my life – not just the 90+ minutes of escapism when the games are in progress, but also the kindness and support of other fans (not just of City) and even that of one manager in particular, and a couple of players. Even now, attending games for a few years, I get excited on match days. I drive the 3.5 hour journey in eager anticipation, my little car covered in City stickers and scarves, wearing my colours proudly, and singing along to the City music in the CD player . I start buzzing as I park up and walk to MY seat, in MY home stadium. I am full to busting when MY team come out onto the pitch and the day that I don’t feel like that, even prior to games I feel sure we’ll lose, is the day I will stop going. I love everything about match days, from meeting up with friends, to singing the songs, smiling at the moaners behind me, and cheering the goals. I don’t ever want to fall out of love with football or the football family.

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