A week’s cat-sitting for a cat we hardly saw.


Mum left for her coach trip early on the Monday and after a leisurely breakfast I decided to pop out to the local shops for a couple of hours, leaving Billy to sleep. I mooched about just window shopping before returning home to find Billy had made it to the sofa for the afternoon ๐Ÿ˜‰ We treated ourselves to a Dominos pizza for dinner and it was DIVINE! ๐Ÿ™‚ We channel hopped a bit until we gamely decided to see what Conan the Adventurer was like. It was truly dreadful with a very low budget and wooden acting – and we laughed throughout, before getting engrossed in NCIS. (We don’t watch TV normally so it was a bit of a novelty.) We didn’t see Rocky as he was staying out Billy’s way since he is scared of men, but we hoped he’d come round as the week went on.


England were playing cricket so I went off out for the day letting Billy watch it. I had such a lovely time going round all the shops in town, pleasing myself where I went, and poking around in all the charity shops as well as the other shops. I even got some bargains and moreover, they WERE things I actually needed (including replacement darts the same as my old worn out ones) ๐Ÿ™‚ I grabbed a light lunch in Bhs to keep me going and I only got the bus back when my feet decided they’d had enough. I can’t remember the last time I did this so it was rather fun – and on the way back I managed not to get caught by the local odd-bod (who had moved seats to sit next to me on my way in earlier and even shook my hand as he introduced himself!) I cooked us steak and chips for dinner with some of mum’s home-made apple pie and lemon meringue pie for afters. Later we simply had to watch Conan again and rewarded ourselves with NCIS afterwards as we had last night. Rocky still wouldn’t come near Billy, though he’d let me give him a quick fuss or two and he polished off every morsel of food I put down for him.


I decided that Billy had had quite enough time to be lazy and we were now going to spend quality time together! He still managed to laze around for the morning but in the afternoon I was dragging him out for a nice walk along the canal and into town. My vision was a romantic afternoon, me wearing a pretty dress, hand in hand as we enjoyed a summer stroll along the canal. After the 2.5 ish mile walk we’d have an early evening meal in whatever restaurant took our fancy, continuing the romantic mood. Ha! First of all, the weather wasn’t playing ball – it had been glorious the day before but was clouding over as lunchtime appeared, though the forecast had predicted only a 10% chance of rain. Well, by the time we were thinking of going, the heavens opened and it poured! Undeterred, I said it’d soon pass and then we’d go. In the meantime, Rocky appeared like a little drowned waif and we took pity on him and left him the house to himself whilst we went out into the downpour! ๐Ÿ˜€ So, the plan had changed a little – no pretty dress but instead jeans, boots and raincoat. Nevertheless I was in a holiday mood and laughed at the sky. Billy pointed out that this may be a mistake – and he was proved right as the rain got even harder and we were soon soaked through with squelching feet. Then came the thunder. And the lightning. Yet when we looked behind us, towards Wales, the sun was shining and the sky was blue! Just like in cartoons, the black clouds started right above us – and came with us ๐Ÿ˜€ I had another mocking little rant at the sky – and so came pea sized hailstones! Oh come off it! It’s supposed to be summer! The canal was very high – but the ducks, moor-hens and swans seemed to be enjoying it at least ๐Ÿ˜‰ Eventually the weather must have decided that if were still smiling, laughing and even Singing in the rain, it may as well behave – and the sun came out! By this time we’d reached the City walls but felt we were too soggy to go and have a drink in the pub there as we’d planned. We decided we’d also spoil our dinner if we stayed wet so we turned round and walked back the way we’d come. We saw a few other people this time – but no-one was nearly as wet as we were and some were bone dry! When we got back I found my phone was soaked inside and I thought it was dead. Luckily I keep a spare handset in the car so swapped my SIM over and was contactable again. After drying off and getting changed, we got the bus back into town and tried to decide what kind of meal we fancied. I’d been fancying a Chinese for a few days so I suggested we take a look at a place I’ve often seen but never tried – the Slowboat. It looked inviting so we ventured in and we had the early evening banquet – which was absolutely gorgeous! We’d certainly go back and we’d recommend it if you’re ever in Chester and fancy a Chinese meal ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t say I got Billy’s undivided attention as he was on his phone a lot, but it was more than Monday or Tuesday so that was rather nice, but we opted not to stay out, and returned home instead, where I put my phone (minus battery) in the airing cupboard overnight and then guess what we watched?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Rocky was nowhere to be seen but his food bowl was empty so hopefully he’d been in long enough to dry out at least.


In the morning, Rocky surprised me by being on mum’s bed, having clearly spent the night there, and he let me give him a good fuss before he disappeared. My phone surprised me by being dry and working as normal again – good old Nokias! ๐Ÿ™‚ We’d earmarked the day for doing a couple of jobs for mum and we decided to clear out the loft first. This was really dusty, dirty work as no-one had been up there for years, but there wasn’t too much there so we got it done quite quickly in the end. We took the stuff to the garage for mum to sort out at her leisure, but at least the loft was free for a loft insulation survey now. We treated ourselves to a light bite at the new Costa drive-thru on the retail park – though we didn’t drive through at all, but parked and went inside ๐Ÿ˜‰ We spent the afternoon painting the fence panels – initially this was to be just Billy but I ended up joining in so between us we got five panels done in between dodging the occasional shower. We did have a cuppa sitting on the garden chairs in the sunshine too which was nice. Billy was painting the large part of the panels and I was doing the edges and going over missed bits/2nd coating where needed so he finished before I did and went inside. I was running out of time as I still had dinner to cook and the weather to beat but was determined to complete the final panel. Eventually it was done and I got cleared up and cooked the dinner while Billy had a shower. It was chicken breast dinner with roast potatoes and veg and it went down very nicely after a hard working day. After washing up I went and had a bath as I was now aching. Everywhere. Despite the hard work, I’d really enjoyed spending the time companionably sharing a job with Billy. I wish we did it more often as we do actually make a half-good team and once you can prise him away from the sofa he can actually get quite a bit done. ๐Ÿ™‚ Rocky had appeared a couple of times in the garden but he gave us a wide berth so no fusses that day – dinner was wolfed down though!


We went to Chester Zoo with L, A and Callum. We’d hoped to meet up with them earlier in the year when they were in our area on holiday but it hadn’t been possible, so instead we wanted to spend a whole day together as the opportunity had arisen. We met them there and our timing was good so no-one had to wait long, and since we had already bought our tickets, we didn’t have to queue to get in either ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately Callum has recently been on one of his courses of chemo which meant he was very tired but L and A had brought his wheelchair and Billy took charge of pushing Callum for the day. We had such a lovely day and Callum proved to be a pretty good navigator, working from the zoo map we had given to his care. We didn’t quite see everything as it is such a huge zoo, but we did see everything he wanted and that was the important bit. Mum had bought him a City cap which I gave to him when we arrived and he wore it for the day and I was wearing a City shirt – football shirts seem to be the preferred item of clothing for the zoo visit as I’d remembered from when we used to take the children every year when they were smaller. There were, as you’d expect, lots of Liverpool shirts, a few “checked tablecloths” (if that means nothing to you, google ManUre’s home shirt, not linking! ๐Ÿ˜›) and a few City shirts. Funnily enough though, it was a man not wearing any football attire who came up to Callum, tapped his cap and told him that was the best team in the world, and another who said to me that he’d be at the match next day and asked if I would. ๐Ÿ™‚ As well as the animals (we saw my favourites, the tigers, and for the first time EVER I actually SAW the elusive jaguars) there was a dinosaur exhibit too which Callum was keen to see so we managed to include that before he got too tired, though actually he was struggling a bit by then. L bought him a toy white rabbit which he watched being made up – complete with birth certificate – and eventually he settled on the name “Azurill” after a Pokemon he likes. Sadly, another side effect of the chemo was that the poor little thing had a mouth full of ulcers so he could hardly eat and had managed with a slushy and a drink all day. None of us had eaten in fact, as L had suggested we go to Frankie & Benny’s for tea as we knew they would be happy to accommodate Callum’s needs as they had last time. We met there after leaving the zoo and had a really tasty dinner and even Callum had managed to eat a reasonable amount of his which was pleasing. It was a very nice way to round off the day as we all got on so well (it was the first time Billy and A had met but as I’d thought, they hit it off right away – a little too well at times resulting in a light hearted battle between the sexes ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) It seemed to soon be time to say goodbye, but we had thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was absolutely lovely to spend such quality time with my Godson who was so good and so uncomplaining the whole time. I just pray for the evil that is cancer to go away and let Callum and his whole family live a normal life again.

We arrived home only moments before mum returned from her holiday so soon we were all sipping our drinks (vodka for me, gin for mum and Billy) and catching up a little – but we were all so tired that it wasn’t a late night at all.

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