A sixth win! (Darts)

Friday night arrived with Billy in bed for the second day with some sort of viral illness that had knocked him for six, and Paul stuck at work, unable to get away to play darts. AGH! Stephen was busy, but Raji had a night off work and said he would be happy to play. Phew! (Of course, this meant he also had the dubious pleasure of being my escort for the evening – though it least we were at home so it was not far to go.)

We played against the Ex-Service B (Roger Senior and Junior’s old team) and they are doing quite well in the league. The random order was: Junior; Raji; Senior; me; Simon; and Claire.

We won both trebles but lost all the doubles. I felt sorry for Senior in our doubles because my darts were dreadful and I just kept hitting 1’s – even when I switched to 19, I kept getting 3’s! He’s a really good player but there’s only so much he can do! 🙁

So, it was on to the singles and we lost the first two, though the games were close. Senior won his fairly comfortably, taking his individual points tally for the season to 104 now 🙂 It was me next and the score was 3-5. Given my poor darts all night and the steadiness of my opponent, I didn’t fancy my chances, and I did trail a bit throughout the game, though my darts were fairly steady at last. I needed 53 and aimed for 13 – hitting x10! Oh dear! Second dart was 3, as advised by Senior. That left x15 and as soon as the dart left my hand I knew it was on target 🙂 YAY! Poor darts all night, but I’d won my game – though I apologised to my opponent as he’d been robbed. (He was very magnanimous about it.) 4-5 now!

Simon was trailing all through his game, and was 300 behind at one point! His opponent couldn’t finish though and allowed Simon to get to needing x16 to win. He hit x8. And somehow, despite the odd angle of that dart, he got around it and hit another x8! We were delighted – 5-5 the score and we thought even if we now lost, losing by one game was a good result against a strong team.

Now it was all down to Claire’s game, though she later said she hadn’t realised this, which she thought was a good job. She was steady in her scoring and there was some happy banter with the two A league teams and our opposition all joining in supporting Claire 🙂 They got down to both needing x1 and to out absolute delight, Claire hit it first.

We’d won 6-5! This was our 6th win this season which is unprecedented.

It was a really good result and had been an enjoyable evening all round. Raji appeared to have enjoyed himself too, and it was nice to spend time with him relaxing, as well as good to catch up with friends on the other team. We have no game next week, so anything could happen after the break. 😉

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