A night in the castle.

On Friday, we spent the night at Langley Castle on the occasion of Billy’s cricket club dinner.

I had finished work early, having a headache thanks to the building work which was very noisy. Luckily, a relaxing bath and some quiet, got rid of the headache in time for the evening. Billy and I drove straight to the castle when he got home from work, and were very pleased with our room once we’d checked in.



I had been asked for a photo of me wearing RED, but as Billy was running a bit late, he didn’t have time to take one, and I could only manage a hazy photo in the mirror. Sorry!



The meal was absolutely excellent, as were the surroundings and the service. All the meals arrived together, and everything was on the plates and ready to eat so there was no sitting around waiting for the veg, or for the rest of the table to get their meals. The food itself was out of this world. A chicken salad for starter, roast beef with a rich gravy and gorgeous veg (this from a non-veg-lover!), and then a brandy snap filled with raspberries and cream for dessert. I can’t do them justice – the flavours and textures were amazing and everyone praised them to the hilt.After the food we had the speeches and prize-giving. All the speeches were entertaining and well given so that even I appreciated them! The Mayor of Hexham was present and was well received, and I think he enjoyed himself, and the guest speaker, Cristophe, from one of the other cricket clubs, had everyone eating out of his hands – especially the ladies when he paid tribute to the cricket widows. There were loads of prizes to be given, with not only the first and second XI individual awards, but also the Cup trophy and League trophy which the club have won this year, the umpire’s award for the best team over all, and the new trophy awarded by the chairman to the club’s highest achiever, which deservedly went to the first team captain. 

What came across clearly all night, was the genuine togetherness of all at the club, and was remarked upon by the Mayor as well as others. The venue was such an excellent backdrop for celebrating the huge strides the club has made this last year, and everyone could feel proud of being a part of it.

After the raffle, the disco started, and Billy escorted me to bed before returning to get very, very, drunk and he finally staggered to bed at 2 am. 🙂

The next morning, I awoke at my usual time of 6 am, and spent the time covering my red nail polish with blue, and preparing for my football match. Somehow, Billy managed to get up and showered in time for us to go for breakfast at 8.30, though he did feel it was well worth the effort. We had the full breakfast, and as we were finishing, some of the others started appearing, with varying degrees of sore heads.

We said our goodbyes and headed off – each to our own football matches for the day, but promised ourselves we’d be back, having enjoyed every bit of our stay.




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