A couple of updates.

Things I keep meaning to tell you:

  • Helen, with whom we stayed last week, has sent me her photos from Billy’s party and I’ve added them to that album in my photo gallery on my homepage. (Album: Family and Friends/Billy’s 30th birthday party. Family and friends should know the password.)
  • My Nan – is still hanging on in there, but I think she’s getting weaker. After I complained to the hospital in Sussex, the matron investigated and responded. She organised a full refund of the taxi rafe that mum had had to pay, and has told the taxi firm that they were int he wrong regarding that, and the not taking the wheelchair. She also explained why Nanny was discharged, and though the family don’t agree with it still, we do accept they did as they thought was right. We have, however, continued to object to the lack of information given and asked that those responsible, be quietly told that it is unacceptable. A discussion with Nanny’s GP means we all feel happier that he is thinking the same as us and that he really is doing his best, so we are satisfied that he knows how we feel and we know what he’s trying to do.
  • I have a new practitioner at my clinic this week and I’ve added a page for him on my professional site.
  • My wonderful hosts, DivisionX completed the  migration of my sites to their upgraded servers without a hitch. AND when I didn’t reply to one of their mails (because I was away from the computer) they phoned me the next day to see if I was OK. You can see why I like them! They treat me as a person not a number, and they even put up with my idiotic questions and pleas for help.
  • Toby is losing weight and we can feel his spine now, but the sickness has calmed down a lot since we’ve added slippery elm bark powder to his food. It seems to help soothe his tummy. In all other respects he seems happy and normal, so we carry on just watching him.
  • One of Laura’s snails (Deidara) is “pregnant” – will soon lay eggs and Laura seems to think they will be fertilised as the node on the snail’s neck was white indicating fertilisation has taken place. Her friend wants two snails if any make it to young snailhood, and I think she’s going to ask the reptile shop if they want any extras that survive.
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