A constructive weekend

THANK YOU to all of those who have sent me messages of sympathy. It was very much appreciated even though I didn’t repy to you – hopefully I will rectify that soon.

On Friday, I went into the hospital to see Lee and she is happy to cover me for the day of the funeral. Billy has also managed to get just the one day off work, so we will go to London for the occasion, and back in the same day. I had taken Billy breakfast in bed as a way of offering him my moral support, and after leaving Lee, it was Billy’s lunchtime, so I met him and we had a picnic in the park. I really can’t do anything practical so this is my way of letting him know I am there for him.

Over the weekend, I have been very busy painting the hallway. Since it had been re-plastered, I had to do an undercoat of thin white paint, then the two coats of coloured paint, then the wood boarding and the front door. I also took apart the lights and cleaned them and they came up brilliantly shiny. I ran out of time (and energy) to do the gloss work, but I still think it looks amazingly different.


Front door before:      After:

 Far wall before:                After:

Walls before:              After:

(Friends with access to my photo gallery can see these pictures and more, and in full size)

Sol has said he will help me to put up our signed football shirts on the walls sometime this week, which hopefully finish the transformation (barring afore mentioned gloss work, and the desperately needed new carpet) He was here all day Saturday re-plastering the bathroom ceiling so we kept each other going throughout the day’s work. I must admit, I could have done without the interruptions of washing up, clearing up cat sick, and putting washing out – then getting Billy’s cricket gear back in as it was raining and he needed the stuff for lunchtime..

On Sunday afternoon, I did the ironing and then tackled the summer plans with the family so that we could put them on the calendar. It is VERY full! Agh! Billy cooked the dinner which was nice, so I managed to fit in a couple of extra jobs. I’m ready to go back to work for a rest now 😉

I did get to relax on Saturday night. Stephen and I watched “The Matrix” which I had seen many years ago, and Stephen wanted to watch. First he suddenly had the urge to make some scones – and had me in stitches at times – especially the bit where he rolled out the dough and cut it – into biscuit thin circles, and had to pile them up on top of each other to get the right thickness. 😀 (I was recently asked who makes me laugh the most – and my answer was Stephen. ) They tasted good though, and we ate them with cream and jam whilst watching the film. We’re going to watch the next two Matrix films together too.  He has now finished his GCSE’s by the way, and we think we’ve found the solution to his A Level options. We think if he swaps his Language Language to English Literature, he can still do both ICT and Media Studies, and Business studies. Fingers crossed.

As for Laura, she’s had friends staying this weekend (it’s like a youth hostel sometimes, but it’s quite fun.) We recently took a photo of one of her snails and this is how much he’s grown:

Baby:       Now (6 months):

So – whilst all our bad news is still there, we are doing our best to keep going with other things and hopefully everything will settle down onto a more even keel.

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