A cheap day out in Carlisle.

The other Sunday, Billy was working in Carlisle for the day, and as before, he needed a chauffeur so I spent a pleasant day there – without spending any money 🙂

Actually, there was a LITTLE money spent, but that was Billy’s! 😉 He paid the parking (now quite expensive compared to last time:( £8.00 for the day in total (it was more if you just paid the whole day rate up front!)) and he bought us each a coffee in Costa before he started.

After that I browsed – enjoying a bit of time to myself as I am badly lacking this at the moment as I’ve been surrounded by people at home and work for weeks now and this is hard for me. I enjoyed wandering round for the day, and although there were one or two things I might have bought had I had any money, there was nothing really that I desperately wished I could buy. I went back to the car for coffee (courtesy of my trusty flask of water and various sachets of hot drinks); picnic lunch; and afternoon tea. I also had my book and it was bliss to just sit quietly and read during these breaks – no-one needing me, no jobs to be done, no disturbances. Heaven! 🙂

When Billy finished, we went to the Pizza Hut which we’d visited last time and we had a regular pizza each, all the salad we could eat and our drinks – for £1.80! 🙂 I regularly take part in online surveys and get awarded points for each one I complete. Once the points have reached a certain amount, I trade them in for vouchers and this time had chosen £15 of Leisure vouchers which can be spent at Pizza Hut. I had also printed a voucher from the web, for their deal of £5 for pizza plus all-you-can-eat salad. So – a virtually free meal and some quality time together to round off the day.

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