A Break from the Bustle.

Having worked all week last week, and then had an open day in my clinic on Tuesday, followed by my usual clinic on Wednesday, I’m looking forward to a break.

I am going to London for a few days and my plans are:

Friday, ST GEORGE’S DAY – our annual celebration in memory of dad. Planning on going to the Guard’s Museum, maybe Buck Palace and perhaps a walk in St James Park – generally revisiting old haunts from dad’s army days and my childhood. I shall be flying my country’s colours with pride and hope that all my fellow English men and women do so too. Have a wonderful day however you mark the occasion.

Saturday and Sunday – free. Might visit Sussex (by train), wander round some more old haunts in London, mooch round shops etc. Who knows? It’s going to be a mental holiday as much as anything, doing whatever seems like fun at the time. I AM hoping to find somewhere to watch the Arsenal v City match as I DID have tickets, then thought I’d be unable to attend, and sold them to a friend 🙁

Arsenal tickets

Monday – I have a herbal seminar all day and am looking forward to it as I missed the last one. I learn so much, get the opportunity to hear/see a Herbalist whom I much admire, and catch up with fellow herbalists. In the evening, it’s off to Selhurst Park for the Palace v Baggies game and hoping desperately that West Brom relax, having nothing for which to play, and Palace can claw their way nearer to safety.

Palace tickets

I’ll be back on Tuesday and I’m sure I will have plenty to tell – bet you can’t wait hm? 😉

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