Changes – homes and work

I forgot to mention that on Sunday, I called into the reptile shop to see if I could get a larger tank for Laura’s Giant African land Snails, Deidara and Sasori. They have been growing fast and need a much bigger tank now.

As babies:


The man was very helpful and I’ve ordered a nice big one, and a new log over which they can climb. I’ve also established that they sell the substrate the snails need and that if Laura manages to miss any eggs that are laid, they can take them off our hands to feed to the reptiles. They had some gorgeous snakes in there – though I wasn’t so keen on the frogs and toads. I thought I stayed admirably calm when he removed the lid of a tank housing a toad, so he could show me the bark chips inside. I was very pleased when the lid went back on as I’m sure that toad was looking at me just waiting to jump up into my face 😉 Happily, I managed to avoid looking at the stick insects and other 6-legged-beasties. Shudder! I’ve also put Laura’s name down for work experience there next year – they get a huge demand apparently as they are one of few reptile specialist retailers.

Anyway, the snails will be able to change homes this weekend hopefully, and then can grow to their little hearts’ content! (Yes, they DO have hearts!)

Lee phoned me Sunday evening as a family emergency had occurred, and she wanted to ask if I could work on Thursday for her, and she’d do Tuesday, and I agreed. So I worked on Monday as usual, but then had Tuesday off – very weird! I therefore did the shopping two days early, and I’m not entirely sure how well I’ve done. It was very hard to think properly, as we still had cupboards half full! I was also trying to think what we’d want over the weekend, as mum is coming to stay – hope I got what we needed.

I’m looking forward to her stay anyway as it’s been a while since she visited. The main reason is so that we can be together for St George’s Day (the day we share in dad’s memory), but she will also have the chance to see Billy, the children, the cats, our new shower-room and my new clinic.


  1. Re the snails – EW!

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