Having got to bed at midnight, I was out like a light – and up again at 5am for a quick breakfast before driving home. I strapped the hamster cage in to the back seat, said my goodbyes, and then spent 4 hours driving through rain, dense spray and very windy conditions (in some places strong gusts were visibly blowing cars and lorries off course for a split second!)

When I got home, I unloaded the car and handed Rody over to Nel – who promptly declared her new baby to be a girl. Rody came out to meet her new mummy and Nel was captivated and intends to spend some time getting her used to being handled and played with. I dumped all my baggage in the hallway, quickly applied some war-paint and then went straight to work.

I was at my desk by 10.15am which I thought was pretty good going – but I was so tired I struggled through the morning before getting a second wind in the afternoon. Luckily it was a fairly straight forward day -all the difficult queries cropped up the next day fortunately for me and for those who needed me to be on the ball to sort out their problems.

I was dead on my feet by home time and could have done without having to unpack my baggage, but I did the bulk of it anyway before crashing in to bed.

I’d had 5 hours sleep, 4 hours drive and 7 hours work. It was worth it 🙂

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